Meek and Muck Series – Episode 1: Knock the Doc

Let me introduce you to two important persons in Informatica MDM domain. Do not ask me who I am. I am just an old man who has nothing else to do, so I sneak into other people’s conversations. Hey, Don’t search your backyard, I am not “your” Dad if he is doing the same thing. I am Meek’s Dad.

Meek claims that he is very smart in Informatica MDM. I cannot deny that statement (there is no option “b” here as my wife still monitors my computer history). Muck is Meek’s friend, who is not that smart (anyhow, he is not my son, so I can tell the truth here).


Meek and Muck both work in MDM domain. Meek has been working in MDM for years and Muck is his junior trying to grab Meek’s job. Of course, my son Meek is trying to grab his boss’ job. It’s all in the game, isn’t it?

I just let Muck inside my house to meet Meek in our patio. Let us just listen to their conversations. Don’t tell them that we are listening; otherwise Meek would complain to my boss who is also playing the role of my wife.

Muck: Knock, knock??

Meek: Who is that?

Muck: MDM

Meek: MDM who?

Muck: MDM, Muck ‘D’ Man, here I am!!

Meek: Very funny…

Muck: You need an A.K. surgery to find your funny nerves. I came to ask you about something.

Meek: What?

Muck: In Informatica MDM, I noticed something like a Doctor. I thought it is a Multidomain MDM, but why are they limiting themselves to Medical domain?

Meek: Now you need to check your optic nerves. Let me explain Kiddo… What will you do when you have a fever, especially when you were young?

Muck: I go to my Mom.

Meek: Ha ha… Then, did I go to my Teacher? I asked, where would your Mom take you?

Muck: She would always take me to the Pediatrician in Embassy Parkway. I always liked to go there because they would give free chocolates. Even if I don’t have a fever, sometimes I would act that way to visit the clinic.

Meek: Ush… I got it…


Me: Meek, Now I understand why you always preferred to go to that Pediatrician in Elliott. Is it also for those chocolates?

Meek: Dad, you cannot listen to our conversations… Go away. I am not a Kid any more.. MOM!!!

Me: Ok… Ok…

Muck: Ok, what’s with the story about my Pediatrician and MDM?

Meek: Hold on, I am coming there. If you have any problems, you go to Doctor. But what if the addresses have any problem, where can they do?

Muck: I do not understand

Meek: Ok, let me explain differently. What are the different cards that you have your addresses printed on?

Muck: Um.. Driving license, bank statement, credit card statement, passport and much more…

Meek: Do you have the exact address printed on all of them?

Muck: No, my credit card statement from *** bank has my zip code printed wrong although I have my savings account and credit card in the same bank.

[Me: I haven’t shared the bank name intentionally, so that I cannot be sued over for that. You see, old people are cleverer than what you guys think.]

Meek: You hit the bull’s eye. That’s the point. Imagine a database with millions of customers each having multiple addresses. How can you clean all the addresses before you master the data? Don’t you need somebody to look into each address and cure the incorrect data, just like your chocolaty pediatrician? That’s the purpose of Informatica’s proprietary software called ‘AddressDoctor’. AddressDoctor can cleanse the addresses across the globe.

Muck: Hold on, are you saying that the AddressDoctor can verify all addresses globally including my niece who is living in a village near Greece?

Meek: Of course, not only your niece, but also your Grand Ma who is living in Japan. AddressDoctor can verify up to 240 countries, but you would need specific licenses based on the list of countries you want to cleanse. It can cleanse building numbers, street names, postal codes, country codes, ISO codes, you name it.

Muck: Cool… But do I need to create any additional program in MDM to use AddressDoctor?

Meek: No, it’s just as easy as going to your Mom and asking her to drive to your pediatrician when you were young. MDM provides out of the box support where you just need to drag and drop the AddressDoctor features and MDM will take care of everything else. Of course, you need to install the AddressDoctor and add it in the MDM configuration first.

Muck: That is easy. Again, would the AddressDoctor just point out the errors in the addresses?

Meek: No not just validation. If you want, you can also let it correct the address too. You can basically validate, parse, cleanse and standardize the addresses.

Muck: How about the performance? Would it slow down my MDM system?

Meek: That’s a good question Muck, especially from you. AddressDoctor can process up to 50 million addresses per hour.

Muck: Where can I learn more? Can you teach me?

Meek: Hey…I am your boss. Bosses don’t teach. We only preach. You can find video tutorials. Also, there is an excellent cleanse adaptor guide in MDM documentation. You can find more details there too.

Muck: Great…I love Informatica MDM. And I love you too…

Me: What? What did you say to my son, Muck?


  • Nagarajan Murugan

    Really Fun and learning at the same time !! Great blog!!