An MDM Solution is as Good as its Weakest Link. Get the Key to Control.

An MDM Solution is as Good as its Weakest Link. Get the Key to Control.

Anybody who has implemented multiple projects can acknowledge the fact that a successful implementation is as good as its weakest process. This is especially true with MDM implementation. An MDM implementation always needs a complete orchestration and coordination among all systems involved. Any loose end left uncovered has the power to break the entire project. One of the major challenges that often come with MDM implementation is how to control the input data that is either duplicate or incorrect. The more junk data that gets inside MDM, the more damage that will spread out of MDM.

Everybody would have gone through the hassles of being frisked in the airport with the officials searching from water bottles to worn-out shoes. Though we might have gotten irritated in the beginning, we all have gotten used to it now and understand that it is one of the main reason why we feel safe inside the planes, watching our favorite movies. Similarly, keeping a control at the entry point of data would always help MDM run smoothly, thereby all the downstream systems can enjoy the best version of truth with minimal disruption. Informatica MDM has its own out of the box solution for keeping the input data at bay.

Informatica Data Controls (IDC) is a licensed feature of Informatica MDM product suite which can be embedded seamlessly in any third party application. IDC application is tightly bound to the Informatica Data Director (IDD) layer of the MDM solution. IDD is the user interface that is packaged with the MDM suite, meant for business users.

Imagine a scenario where a business user is using salesforce as the input medium and is going to enter a data. How cool would it be for the user to get a list of match results from MDM as soon as the user types in the last name and date of birth? Why just stop there? What if the user gets an additional option to import the MDM data into the salesforce from the match results? These features would ensure that MDM data is being utilized in a right away at the right time, thereby reducing the data clutter. This can achieved through the “Duplicate Prevention” control available within the IDC.

Apart from this “Duplicate Prevention” control, IDC application also includes two more types of controls out of the box:

  • Hierarchy Manager Control – You can dynamically embed the IDD’s awesome hierarchy views in any third party application.
  • History View Control – You can view the MDM data history in any third party application.

Duplicate Prevention control type would have a tight integration with the underlying application that can allow the users to import the data. However, the Hierarchy Manager control and the History View control types would have a loose integration wherein these controls would not interact with the underlying application. Additional options are available to embed the username and password within the integration framework so that the business users would not be asked to login again when viewing the IDC data. IDC application also supports localization by leveraging the same localization settings configured within the corresponding IDD application.

IDC controls are generally meant for ready-only views of MDM data from third party applications. In case you want to build a custom control type, such as customized data view, you can do so by extending the IDC application. Also, provisions are available to override some of the display settings and behaviors on the default control types.

Learn more about how to implement the “Duplicate Prevention” IDC control in this video.