Accelerate Your Informatica Cloud Subscription with a Virtual CSM

Accelerate Your Informatica Cloud Subscription with a Virtual CSM

Anything in life worth doing comes with some kind of learning curve. Take riding a bicycle. Wouldn’t it be great if you could skip the training wheels and go straight to popping wheelies and riding with no hands.  Well the same is true for business applications. While Informatica Cloud makes it possible for any business user to perform complex integrations, taking full advantage of everything the platform has to offer does take some time and experience.

Well, no longer.

With the launch of Informatica Accelerate—the new Informatica Cloud Customer Success platform, you can skip over the preliminaries and jump right into the heart of your real integration projects – with the help of the Informatica Cloud Customer Success Team.

With Accelerate, you can take advantage of every educational and training program available on, and receive the expert help of Cloud Success Managers and Architects whenever you need it.

Need help with a real time integration, such as syncing SAP with Salesforce? Now you can just check the Accelerate Calendar and sign up for the next Expert session.

To get started, just check the Calendar and sign up for the next session with a Virtual CSM. In your first session, you’ll learn how to navigate the system, sign up for MySupport and receive a walkthrough of Cloud Academy with your peers in a group session.

With Accelerate, you can also take advantage of the Informatica Cloud Academy to earn your basic Cloud 101 badge and move onto more advanced classes in Data Management, Cloud Analytics or Data-as-a-Service (DaaS).  All Informatica Cloud Academy classes are online and feature a variety of media and learning tools – including videos, labs and quizzes – to give you the hands-on training – and expert swagger– you need to tackle any integration project.

Once you become an Accelerate user,  be sure to sign up for time with our Virtual Architects on specific technical areas, or take an ever deeper dive with a Cloud Expert Success Pack and enjoy expert one-on-one time with a Customer Success Architect on a variety of topics.   The online sessions cover relevant technical topics that are crowd sourced based on what the majority of customers are using.  For example, go deep on SAP, Amazon, Cloud Mapping Designer, NetSuite connectivity and much more.  There are also Virtual Architect Sessions covering Cloud Analytics with Tableau to coincide with their conference last week.

In addition to our Virtual Architects, Accelerate features regularly scheduled Office Hours where you can receive answers to any question regarding a topic on  Cloud Academy. With Accelerate, you also have access to a Resource Library with the best practices in every Informatica Cloud product or platform area and can earn Cloud Specialist degree in every Informatica Cloud discipline.

Visit Accelerate today and go straight to delivering on complex Informatica Cloud projects, without having to spend any time in training wheels.