Top 10 Reasons to Use Data Integration Hub v10 to Modernize your Data Architecture

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Top 10 Reasons to Use Data Integration Hub v10
  1. Greater agility in adding and updating connected analytics systems and applications
  2. Hybrid orchestration of cloud and on-premise data integration in a single publish/subscribe system, including everything Informatica Cloud connects to including, AWS, Azure and other cloud services
  3. Automated persistence and indexing of data in Hadoop for data lakes leveraging Spark
  4. Wizards and a web-based user interface for ease of use, productivity and team collaboration
  5. Visibility, management, monitoring and alerting across all data pipelines for greater confidence
  6. Built-in advanced transformations for unstructured data, XML, JSON, PDF, Microsoft Office formats and other specialized data formats
  7. Scheduled or triggered delivery of the same fresh, curated data properly formatted to be consumed by all target systems
  8. Informatica Data quality and masking available to cleanse and secure data
  9. Leverage PowerCenter skills, connectors and mappings to speed time to production
  10. Elegant and modern pub-sub-hub architecture to give your CTO warm fuzzies with greater efficiency to make your CFO smile

Learn more at the Data Integration Hub v10 deep dive webinar on December 1st, 2015.

You can also find out more about Informatica Data Integration Hub on the product page, here.