Informatica Helps Customers Innovate with Broadest Data On-Ramp to the AWS Cloud

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Innovate with Broadest Data On-Ramp to the AWS Cloud

This year’s AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas has had a lot of exciting announcements so far, including QuickSight, Kinesis Firehose, Snowball, and the MariaDB database engine. With over 1 million active customers, AWS is transforming how organizations of all sizes use the cloud and Informatica is excited to be the leading data backbone for companies on-ramping to the AWS cloud – we were honored with a “Think Big” partner designation from AWS earlier in the week.

I’d like to highlight some of the transformative impacts that Informatica and AWS are delivering to joint customers innovating in the cloud with a few use case examples.

Cloud Analytics at Scale:

Stella & Dot use Informatica Cloud Data Integration and Amazon Redshift to create a more agile data infrastructure and analytics stack. Informatica Cloud enabled them to migrate and transform the data in their legacy on-premises data warehouse to Redshift in less than 6 months & using 1 full-time resource. They used Informatica Cloud Data Synchronization for all staging areas and Informatica Cloud Mapping Designer to build 100+ mappings for populating the Redshift schema. The result is that daily end-to-end data integration and data warehouse loading for millions of rows is now 5x faster than the previous on-premises solution.

Red Hat uses Informatica Cloud Data Integration, Amazon S3 and Redshift to simplify and speed up how they achieve Sales Operations insights from Salesforce data. Red Hat uses Informatica Cloud Data Replication and Data Synchronization and leverages AWS’s elastic scalability to move Salesforce data to S3 (raw data) and Redshift for BI reporting. The Informatica Cloud secure agent was placed in an AWS VPC and acted as the runtime engine executing the integration jobs between Salesforce and AWS Redshift and S3. Some of the key benefits from the Informatica+AWS solution is that data integration and data warehouse enhancements can be done in hours instead of days, Red Hat can store all their historical data cost-effectively at scale, and they can easily update their business logic in Redshift to address evolving reporting requirements.

Lift, Shift and Optimize:

The US Dept. of Homeland Security runs their Informatica PowerCenter solutions with Redshift in the AWS cloud — this lift and shift approach of installing on-premise Informatica systems in AWS allows them to analyze data at scale (high volume and high availability) more cost effectively and with faster speed to value. They use Informatica PowerCenter on AWS to rapidly build an on-premise Oracle ODS with batch integration and Informatica Real-time DI on AWS to optimize the movement of more than 100TB of data from the Oracle ODS to Amazon Redshift in real time with Change Data Capture.

ISV solutions built on AWS:

Snowflake used Informatica Cloud Data Integration and AWS to create a high performance, highly scalable data warehouse-as-a-service. They use S3 as a scalable, resilient, highly available storage location for all data in the system and they use EC2 for on-demand compute capability that can scale as needed. Snowflake OEMs Informatica Cloud Data Integration to connect their offering to hybrid data sources on-premises and in the cloud including IoT data (such as log data, web apps, sensor data, content intensive mobile apps, online games, online media portals). By building their product on AWS, and leveraging Informatica Cloud, Snowflake estimates they saved 3 years in development time and incurred 1/3 of the cost it would have taken them to build their product on their own. And they can offer massive scalability to their customers at fast speed to value, e.g. after only 3 months in production, one of their customers is running 10’s of millions of daily queries and another customer is using Snowflake to manage hundreds of terabytes of compressed data.

These are just a few examples of how Informatica and AWS are helping companies innovate their businesses with the cloud. To learn more, check out:

    • Informatica Cloud Connector for Amazon Redshift on the AWS Marketplace here
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If you’re in Las Vegas at re:Invent this week, please visit our booth #937.