Best Data Integration Solution is About to Get Better!

PC_Recommended by Customers
PowerCenter Customers Recommend it for Data Integration

OK, that is a bold claim.  I hear you on that.  And how exactly do we know what is the best Data Integration solution out there?

In case you haven’t read some of the recent industry reports, I recommend checking out our previous blogs on ‘Choosing a Data Integration Solution’ and ‘How to get more bang for your Data Integration buck’.

Just as important, TechValidate, an independent 3rd party research firm, has recently helped us deploy a survey to our PowerCenter customers.

The results are in and we are delighted to share that:

  • 92% of PowerCenter customers are likely to recommend PowerCenter.  Pretty impressive number, huh?  And did you know that PowerCenter’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) is 2.25 times higher than the average NPS for TechValidate customers? Furthermore, PowerCenter’s NPS is 46 times higher than the average NPS for all software & cloud vendors using TechValidate services!  That’s right, you read this correctly – 46 times higher than other vendors like Informatica!  Now how many other companies could make this claim?
  • Majority of PowerCenter customers increase their productivity by over 40%.
    PowerCenter Customers Recommend it for Data Integration
    PowerCenter Customers Increase Staff Productivity

    Nearly 3/4 of surveyed PowerCenter customers experience a productivity increase of 40% or more. 42% increase theirproductivity by more than 60% and a full 94% increase productivity by 20% or more.   We always hear from customers how they love PowerCenter’s ease of use, quick learning curve, shorter development time and its automated approach to developing and deploying mappings.  Customers tell us they appreciate the code reuse, the skills and resource reuse, the metadata-driven visual tools and out of the box templates and transformations.  It’s great to see these benefits translated by our customers into actual productivity increase numbers.

  • Most PowerCenter users state that PowerCenter is superior to alternatives. Yup, nearly 3/4 of surveyed PowerCenter customers believe that its ease-of-use outperforms that of alternative solutions they’ve evaluated or worked with. That is a pretty resounding vote of confidence. Majority of respondents also agree that PowerCenter’s Scalability and Connectivity are superior to alternative solutions.
  • PowerCenter customers use it for a broad array of use cases.  We know that PowerCenter is a versatile Data Integration platform.  In fact, this is a key reason customers chose us over alternatives.  Survey shows that 88% of PowerCenter customers use it for data warehousing and analytics – no big surprise there.  But nearly half of customers use it for application to application integration, 32% for application migration and consolidation and 44% for data warehouse modernization, migration or consolidation.  Nearly 30% use PowerCenter for real time use cases and roughly 20% for Data Governance.  Yet others use PowerCenter for Hybrid solutions and for regulation compliance.  The list goes on.  PowerCenter’s flexibility is pivotal to organization when investing in a Data Integration platform.
  • Connectivity is a key benefit for nearly ¾ of PowerCenter customers.  It is no secret that Informatica provides the best industry connectivity to the widest selection of data sources and targets. From mainframe to Cloud, Big Data and IoT.  And anything in between.  It should be no surprise then that 71% of respondents stated Broad Connectivity to Sources and Targets as a key benefit of using PowerCenter.
  • Majority of PowerCenter customers save over 40% in IT costs.
    PowerCenter Customers Reduce IT Costs
    PowerCenter Customers Reduce IT Costs

    Last but not least… 53% of PowerCenter customers responding to survey reduce IT costs by 40% or more. And a full 82% reduce IT costs by over 20%.  It is certainly heart-warming to learn that customers realize tangible cost-savings by deploying PowerCenter as their Data Integration platform.


It is exciting to see all the positive outcomes and benefits that PowerCenter delivers for our customers.  It is equally exciting that Informatica is about to raise the bar once again on what a superior Data Integration platform can offer to its customers!

Would you like to learn more?  Please join us for our live launch webinar on 10/15, where we will share all the new and exciting capabilities of our next major release, PowerCenter 10!

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