Start your Saturday with a Glass of Champagne – Transform into a Digital Organization

Who of you enjoy a glass of champagne to start a nice Saturday shopping tour?

With this question Michael Stolte started his presentation at Informatica World Tour last week. And there was silence in the audience. Nobody was brave or honest enough to raise the hand. I raised my hand, but also felt a bit ashamed. Fortunately I stood in at the back of the room, and it was dark, so nobody could see my hand.

Somebody, who knows me whispered: Not a surprise, you are one of their target groups.

Engelhorn Bar
One of the trendy bars at the Engehorn stores.

Who are they? Why did Michael ask this question? Michael Stolte is the Head of eCommerce for Engelhorn, a retailer with big lines for fashion, luxury fashion and the world of sports. He was speaking?? about “creating a digital organization” at our Informatica event. Thank you Michael, for a thrilling presentation.

Michael talked about the connectivity between offline and online business. His angle was that customer experience has to happen everywhere. Whether with glas of champagne in one of the Engelhorn bars, while you take a break from store or online shopping. Customer experience will make the difference, not price.

Transforming an Organization to Digital

The online revenue delivers more than 20% of the retailer’s business. By the way their webshop is from Demandware, fueled by Informatica MDM – Product 360. The big challenge on becoming a digital organization is the change management, said Michael. His company has a 125 year old history, offline, based in Mannheim. With the back up and support of the executive management, believe in social, invest product search and a lot communication, his company has accomplished a lot on their digital journey. Today they sell manage about 3 million SKUs from 950 brands, using Informatica and Demandware.

Michael Stolte, Engelhorn
Snap shot from Michael Stolte, Head of eCommerce at Engelhorn, presenting at Informatica World Tour.

People, Processes and Tools

Michael made clear that he is not a hardcore Tech guy, but he always believed in the power of information in the digital world. He recommends to managers who are looking for the right setup for omnichannel and digital business to select the right software tools and stick to their standard. These tools he sees as enable for new processes. For employees committing to new processes and change it needs a lot open communication, discussion and team work. Team work is what engelhorn always has shown with Informatica. Their group is often adopting new innovation from our team and they are very actively engaging at the user groups to impact our future developments. For me they are a great example for how transforming into a digital organization.

PS: Michael put 4 gift cards of 50 Euros under some chairs in the audience. What a nice surprise to the lucky winners. Check out the web shop and celebrate the 125th anniversary at with 125 reasons.