Our Commitment to Powering the Data-Ready Enterprise

Powering the Data-Ready Enterprise
Powering the Data-Ready Enterprise
Informatica’s goal, simply stated, is to become the leading independent provider of software for ‘all things data.’ This goal is a natural extension of our track record and the work that we are already doing. Now, we are expanding beyond integration, a market we pioneered and in which we continue to be the clear leader.

The technology landscape today is expanding rapidly, and so are the opportunities for our customers and Informatica. Our industry is transforming from the old world of transaction-centric computing to the new world of interaction-centric computing because of four megatrends: cloud computing, social media, big data and pervasive mobile computing.

Our customers around the world consider data to be a strategic corporate asset. The information and data in their organizations is coming from many, many different sources across the world. Everything and everyone are connected to everything and everyone by devices and by data. Organizations today must harness that data both to build their bottom line and to strengthen their total customer relationships.

Our success will come through transformative innovation. We are building on the strong foundation of the last 20+ years and extending it in four critical areas: cloud integration, next-generation big data integration, master data management (MDM) solutions and data security:

  • To help our customers adopt cloud computing and retain control over their data, we will advance our comprehensive cloud integration and cloud management services.
  • To help them effectively engage with their customers using new interaction channels including social media, we will deliver the most versatile master data management (MDM) solutions.
  • To help them realize the promise of big data, we will offer next generation data integration, data quality and data preparation technologies.
  • To protect against data security breaches in the modern world of perimeter-less pervasive computing, we will further advance our award-winning data security products.

To meet our customers’ technology needs, we are building an intelligent data platform that is scalable, versatile, high-performance and flexible to be able to support many different business initiatives that depend on data. What a versatile and flexible data platform means to our customers is that it can run either on premises or in the cloud – because they are using both. It also must work for multiple types of data, ranging from the real-time data they’re getting from the Internet-of-Things to the batch data they’re getting from their mainframe . It also must work with different kinds of applications, including operational applications and analytical applications. And it must work for all kinds of users, ranging from IT users to business users, and from experienced users to novices.

This brings me to a discussion of the advantages of Informatica going private at this juncture. The main advantage for us is that we can now take the long-term view; we can invest in the future. As our industry is transforming, our customer preferences are evolving from traditional licensing models to to pay-for-use subscription pricing. Informatica as a private company is well-positioned to deliver transformative innovation and evolve our business model.

Going private will help us to achieve our long-term goals by helping us with the investments we need to make. Our investors Permira and Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) are focused on the long term and want to create category leaders based on growth and innovation. The recent investments in Informatica by Microsoft and Salesforce Ventures also provide ‘proof points’ that we are successful in partnering with the pioneers in today’s leading technology ecosystems. Indeed, our long-term success as a private company will be facilitated by our close working relationships with key partners that are shaping the technology industry.

To summarize, we are better prepared than ever to deliver value to our customers and partners. Our top priorities remain the same:

  • Empower our customers to put data potential to work and to transform their worlds for the better.
  • Enable our partners to grow thriving businesses powered by Informatica innovations.
  • Provide the environment for our employees to achieve their career aspirations.

It is indeed my privilege to work with each of our stakeholders to power the data-ready enterprise and to help ensure their continuing success.