Many Roads Lead to Salesforce Wave Analytics – Which One will You Choose?

The Dreamforce 2014 launch of Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud was revolutionary in the world of cloud applications. For many years, Salesforce has been a staunch proponent in democratizing access to applications to the line-of-business (LOB). With the introduction of Wave, Salesforce made a bold statement that analytics could be accessible to anyone, and not just IT. This year, at Dreamforce2015, Informatica is going big once again with Wave Analytics Cloud: with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt showcasing how they use Informatica Cloud and Wave; highlighting Informatica Rev and Informatica Cloud in action for bringing trusted data to Wave; and presenting our use of Wave as a customer. We are also doing lots of sessions at Dreamforce for other Salesforce clouds which you can check out at

When looking at the “supply chain of data” that is required to create the dashboards and lenses in Wave, the main challenge is still centered around the last mile of this supply chain. Getting the data into a Wave dataset is definitely a challenge, and we at Informatica showed Dreamforce attendees last year how connecting to a complex enterprise data warehouse (EDW), or an on-premise application such as SAP could be streamlined through our connectors and advanced cloud mapping designer.

But connectivity by itself is not enough. A lot of data has duplicates, incomplete or irrelevant information, and augmentation that needs to be done before it is placed into a Wave dataset for analysis. Without this important step, the insights you would get from the data are not of a high quality, and can impair decision making for your important strategic initiatives.

The hot and emerging field of Data Preparation solves these challenges. Data Preparation has built in functionality to blend data from several data sources, combine them into a single view, get rid of duplicates, and resolve many of the data quality issues that get in the way of your Wave analytics experience. Informatica Rev is our flagship product in this area. Salesforce has even recognized the importance of Data Preparation and has allowed users to access Rev through SSO (Single Sign On).


Fig. 1: Wave Analytics Users can access Informatica Rev through SSO


The future of data is that it will only grow in volume, and in variety. Data is no longer just in structured formats, but increasingly in more unstructured formats. And these unstructured formats are legacy data sources, as well as newer data sources such as social media and sensors from IoT devices. To make this data useful to LOB users, Data Preparation is a very important step in the process. But to truly make it important within your entire company, close collaboration with IT is paramount.

Come visit us in Moscone North Expo Hall Level 2 and head to booth #1916, and you’ll see how this collaboration between IT and LOB can work wonders when it comes to Wave Analytics. You’ll see how Informatica Rev resolves numerous data quality issues before the data gets put into Wave. You’ll also see how an IT person can then take a Rev workflow and schedule it on a repeated basis to every other department in the company so that all business users benefit from Rev’s data preparation and data blending capabilities. In addition to that, we’ll also be showing you some enhancements we made to our SAP demo from last year, where we showed how easy it was to move SAP data into Wave to get great insights.

Some users tend to rush into a Wave Analytics project without doing any data preparation, while some choose to ensure that data is of high quality before it gets into Wave. One of these had a higher ROI on their data – which road will you choose?

To learn more, visit us at Moscone North Expo Hall Level 2 booth #1916, at our DevZone booth, or check out any of our sessions at Dreamforce 2015. Visit for more details.