Integrate Salesforce Sales, Service and Marketing Clouds for Efficient Quote to Cash

DF2It’s Dreamforce week – with over 140 thousand attendees and 1500 sessions, it’s one of the biggest tech conferences in the world that brings together thought leaders, industry pioneers and thousands of Salesforce users for a week of idea sharing.  Of course Informatica is there “in force” (sorry about the bad pun) – we have our amazing customers Eli Lilly and Carbonite presenting about how they use real time data for Salesforce, and many more sessions.  To see our newest Salesforce integration capabilities, check out the demos that I’ll be running at our booth in Moscone North N1916.

Real World Demos Developed from Real Life Customer Stories

The demo I’ll be highlighting centers on what happens when one company acquires another and needs to decide the optimal way to integrate their various backend systems.  This being Dreamforce, I’m going to put a special emphasis on the quickest route to mashing together various Salesforce clouds with other cloud and on-premises back-office systems.  And I’m going to also focus on the quickest route to getting Sales people productive after a merger.  According to a recent Harvard Business Review report 90% of mergers and acquisitions fail due to merger complexity.  It states that “The complexity ramps up when multiple branch offices, cross-border IT infrastructure and financial regulation are included.”

Using the Cloud to Reduce Integration Complexity

Our demo scenario focuses on a wholesale food distributor who wants to expand into wine distribution and so they acquire a successful wine company.  They want to optimize their quote to cash process in order to ensure that the merger is successful.  Then they set about making some decisions about how to keep both businesses productive while simultaneously integrating the back office systems.  The food distributor decided to use a single instance of Salesforce and set about consolidating the data from two Salesforce instances into one.  After trying several unsuccessful approaches they decided to use Informatica Cloud to map and merge the data.

Once that data was merged they then had to decide how to access their “legacy” inventory databases and also keep their modern cloud-based ERP solution in sync.  Again they tried hand-coding a solution, but this proved too time consuming, fragile and error prone.  Not surprising they turned once again to Informatica Cloud, but this time they chose to use the real-time application integration capabilities.  Informatica Cloud also provided the additional benefit of offering a guided workflow for the new sales reps that could just follow the prescribed steps to quickly create orders that adhered to the new company’s procedures!

Finally the merger process provided the perfect opportunity to test the quality of the combined data for errors.  The wholesale food company also cleansed their data by standardizing address formats and validating the millions of emails on file.  Yet again they used the data quality capabilities that are available in the Informatica Cloud portfolio.

See the Live Cloud Integration Demo for Yourself

To see the demo that integrates Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, NetSuite, SQL Databases, SAP, validates addresses and sends SMS messages for a more efficient quote to cash process then swing by the Moscone North Expo Hall Level 2 and head to booth #1916 or check out any of our sessions at Dreamforce 2015. Visit for more info.