Informatica Teams with to Put IoT Data to Work

Informatica Teams with to Put IoT Data to Work
Put IoT Data to Work
Today, I am delighted to announce Informatica’s plans to support and integrate with’s new IoT Cloud. Much of the IoT discussion in the market is about the things themselves. However, organizations will be impacted even more greatly by the data produced by these connected things, by the user that puts this data to work and by the way this data is put to work with other enterprise data.

Large organizations need systems to make sense of and drive business value from the massive amounts of machine data that will be generated in the coming years. Informatica Cloud’s deep integration with, combined with Informatica’s Project Atlantic’s intelligent IoT data structure discovery, can bring this potentially dark data to light. This integration can combine this data with events and other enterprise data to derive insights and recommended subsequent actions, based on rules.

The rich connectivity and data transformation capabilities of Informatica Cloud and on-premise software can process IoT data at any scale to be combined with existing enterprise data and systems. Data movement, processing, parsing, cleansing, mastering and masking can all be orchestrated with Informatica’s visual tools. This fit-for-purpose data can then be put to work to power event-driven operational systems, such as customer recommendations.

Project Atlantic is an innovative visual data structure discovery tool developed by Informatica to intelligently discover and map the structure of IoT and other machine data assisted by machine learning. Once the structure is mapped, it can then be parsed by Informatica’s Data Transformation for use by other systems. For example, using Project Atlantic, application users will be able to easily understand the structure of non-standard machine data and automatically prepare large volumes of IoT data to be used in the application.

Project Atlantic, combined with Informatica’s rich integration with, accelerates enterprise time-to-value from IoT data.

Informatica Cloud IoT Data Discovery will be available in our upcoming release in October.

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