Building a Single and Consolidated View of Your Customers in Salesforce

Dreamforce ‘15 is here and team Informatica will be at the Dreamforce expo to help you address all your data and cloud analytics challenges. We have planned several interesting Salesforce sessions, demos and presentations to showcase our new capabilities and product offerings. We will be exhibiting in booth N1916 and DevZone at Moscone Center. For more information, please visit our Informatica at Dreamforce 2015 page.

Data Management Challenges in Salesforce

The way sales organizations manage and analyze their customer data in Salesforce is rapidly changing. Most organizations are facing the problem of information overload and with customer data coming in from different data sources and multiple Salesforce organizations, it becomes increasingly harder for Salesforce users to get a single view of the customer. This single customer view is essential to the success of any sales team and its absence can lead to missed opportunities, longer sales cycle and diminished ROI.

How Cloud Customer 360 for Salesforce Helps You?

Cloud Customer 360 for Salesforce, a native app built into your Salesforce environment, provides you with a single view of your customer data across all data sources and Salesforce organizations.

Cloud Customer 360 ensures Salesforce users are always working with the most up-to-date customer information by building a “golden record” of customer by matching records from different data sources including other Salesforce organizations and choosing the best information available on a field-by-field basis, based on roles that have been defined upfront.

According to a research report by the Data Warehouse Institute, data quality problems cost U.S. businesses over $600 billion a year causing inefficiencies in sales process. With Informatica Cloud’s email, phone and address validation capabilities, customer contact information is always up-to-date and correct. Every time a new address or phone number is added in Salesforce, it is checked and validated to the right format with the click of a button. If a sales representative enters a wrong customer email address, the error is immediately flagged. Sales representatives can save time while entering data by leveraging real-time address suggestions as they type ahead.

A customer record in Salesforce can have multiple subsidiaries or global locations. Each such subsidiary can be associated with a different industry, address and have a different relationship as a customer with your sales team. Such scenarios make it hard to build clean customer information in your Salesforce. Cloud Customer 360 makes it possible to visualize and manage complex account hierarchies, going beyond the existing Salesforce functionality. You can segment your customer by region, business unit, subsidiary etc. by defining an “Ultimate Parent”, allowing far more levels of account hierarchy than ever seen before in Salesforce. Now, regardless of how your customer fits into global business hierarchy, you can visualize all the information in one place.

As Informatica Cloud Customer 360 is natively built into Salesforce, these account hierarchies and relationships tie directly to your reports and dashboards for analysis. Sales teams can perform white space analysis, discover cross-sell opportunities in these accounts and always have the latest information about the health of the existing accounts, all thanks to the ultimate multidimensional hierarchy. This gives your business a single view of the customers and enables strategic decision making all with data that you can trust.

Cloud Customer 360 Demo at Salesforce

In our demo booth at Dreamforce, we will be showcasing the master data management capabilities of Cloud Customer 360, described above. Please do stop by our booth N1916 at Moscone and we would be happy to answer your questions.

We look forward to helping you bring great data to your Salesforce Cloud!