Informatica’s 1WorldSync Certification – How Customers Benefit

Informatica is the lunch sponsor of this year's 1WorldSync Annual User Group Europe
Informatica is the lunch sponsor of this year’s 1WorldSync Annual User Group Europe

Data Quality, Transparency, Omni-Channel and Digital Asset Management are the key topics of this year’s 1WorldSync Annual User Group Europe taking place in Bonn, Germany on September 21st – 22nd, 2015. Similar to GS1 Connect in Austin, Texas (sponsored by Informatica earlier this year), this event brings together supply chain experts and trading partners from around the world for collaborative industry workshops, plenary sessions, keynote speakers, and networking. As a 1WorldSync certified solutions partner, Informatica will be the lunch sponsor at the Bonn event – represented by product experts at a booth in the lunch area.


GDSN certified Data Pool
Using Informatica MDM – Product 360 trading partners can easily exchange product data via the GDSN

The GDSN Accelerator for Informatica MDM*- Product 360 recently received a 1WorldSync certification. It easily links customers’ backend systems with the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) to deliver consolidated and reliable business-critical data to applications. Retailers and manufacturers can provide data to or consume data from 1WorldSync’s Data Pool, streamline product introductions and fulfill compliance needs, such as new food regulations.

Here is an overview that shows how both, retailers and manufacturers can benefit from the 1WorldSync certified solution provided by Informatica.

Benefits Manufacturers and retailers

* MDM = Master Data Management