The New Security Perimeter: Data-Understanding Risk and Protections

The New Security Perimeter, Data-Understanding Risk and Protections

A webinar well-worth attending for security, risk and data professionals is scheduled for next Wednesday, September 9th.  The webinar addresses critical issues for data security, where data presents risks and how sensitive data is growing and proliferating through organizations.  We all know that security is challenged and the speakers will explore how data can become the center piece of security that is built from the inside-out, focusing on the assets that hackers and malicious insiders want; sensitive and private data.

How well is sensitive data understood and protected in organizations?  Are you protecting what should be protected?  In this session, you will hear the details of how and why sensitive risk and protection should be the foundation of modern information security strategies and tactics.  Given the eventuality of network breaches, organizations must do all they can to ensure that their data is understood and protected to reduce the magnitude and scope of data loss. We will reference a survey conducted by the Ponemon Institute and Informatica on what organizations know about their sensitive data, how data security controls are used and the key issues and challenges of securing sensitive and private data.  While security and privacy professionals have enumerable tools for information security, what they should target and protect is not clearly understood.  Better data protection comes from understanding the risks of sensitive data and precisely applying controls to mitigate sensitive data loss.

This data centric approach to security provides numerous and immediate value for organizations to improve their data security and privacy profile, including:

  • Uncovering the unknowns of data risk as mobile, cloud and big data create exponential growth by identifying how sensitive data is growing and spreading across organizations and its associated risk.
  • Targeting risks and data controls to focus security investments on the systems where sensitive is created, shared and at risk.
  • Improve security efficiencies; automating sensitive data risk analysis and providing on-demand risk audit for regulatory compliance.

This webinar will feature Adrian Lane, Security Analyst at Securosis and Bill Burns, CISO at Informatica, and discuss best practices and strategy for data centric security. Josh Alpern, VP Strategic Development at Informatica, will also share his hands-on efforts in helping Informatica customers reduce sensitive data risk and improved breach resiliency.

Time:                    September 9th, 10am – 11:15am, PST

Speakers:             Bill Burns, CISO, @Informatica, Adrian Lane, Security Analyst, @Securosis, Josh Alpern, VP,                                             Business Development, Informatica

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