Power Your Partner Network with Informatica’s Modern B2B Data Exchange

Together We Can Power Your Partner Network

As the size, variety and amount of data being exchanged between companies continues to explode, there is an ever-increasing need for modern solutions that better enable collaboration, speed time to market and create enterprise efficiencies that power competitive advantage.

Companies across the globe have an ever greater need for flexible, scalable and extensible infrastructures which can bring customers and suppliers closer to them, better integrate supply chains, capitalize on emerging industry standards; and, provide greater shareholder value while competing more effectively in the twenty-first century.

Industry standards, such as EDI, continue to be an important, yet singular component, which is quickly being overshadowed by newer collaborative technologies such JSON, Web Services, and the like, that are more suited for the evolving Software as a Service landscape.

Informatica, a recognized leader in business-to-business data exchange and data integration space, has launched richer out-of-the-box partner collaboration tools, including a new partner portal and support for the latest EDI standards and best practices.  Informatica’s modern B2B Data Exchange product is designed to power collaborative partner networks to securely exchange an increasingly wide variety of data types including, but not limited to, these industry standards mentioned.

Although there are numerous portal products on the market, Informatica has created a new “first” with an out-of-the-box self-service partner portal which empowers business partners with the ability to easily set up, manage and monitor their data exchanges for greater collaboration and agility.  More importantly, this has exposed what is normally considered back-office functionality forward of the DMZ where the partner can perform their own mapping, file testing and file transfer—enabling a business partner to do their own transformational mapping of different file formats as an “unheard-of first” in the industry!

Instead of manually having to set up every new partner via email or phone communications, partners can now self-provision their own data feeds reducing errors commonly experienced with manual setups. Exposing and enabling partners with this functionality accelerates partner onboarding and takes data exchange to the next level.

EDI is a powerful standard for business-to-business data exchange that is used across the globe by hundreds of thousands of companies.  However, with a post WWII heritage, EDI is complex and not easy to implement. It predates the advent of the internet, of XML, of Web Services and virtually all modern technological improvements.  Therefore, to make it easier and faster to implement, Informatica has created a new EDI Accelerator package to enable companies to rapidly implement a modernized EDI-enabled B2B Gateway with the flexibility to go beyond the normal limitations of EDI.  Informatica’s EDI Accelerator package includes pre-packaged data transformations, pre-built EDI workflows and out-of-the box usable dashboards for monitoring and managing business operations–all based on industry best practices.  With this solution, your business and IT organization can rapidly deploy a standards-based B2B Gateway fully extensible to meet your specific business or IT needs for exchanging any and all data types beyond standard EDI in the same agile system.

But how do we leverage industry standards? And, what about the non-EDI partners such as the mom and pops that are not EDI capable? With a large community of partners, there is a tremendous need for different data standards relevant to a specific industry as well as the ability to ingest and work with PDFs, Excel files, Words docs and other complex or unusual data types.  When dealing with large communities of smaller companies spread across different geographies, IT shops and business owners need the flexibility to receive and transform an increasing variety of data types—and collaborating with business partners is more important than ever.  This is where Informatica’s B2B Data Exchange solution truly shines.

Informatica B2B Data Exchange is the most modern and flexible standards-driven solution to future-proof partner networks.  With a standards library consisting of more than 200 standards libraries and a library customization tool enabling modifications to the standards, Informatica’s B2B Gateway sets itself apart from the competition. It can support any data type, including complex industry standards or desktop formats such as PDF and Microsoft Office files, as well as, data that is unstructured, or has a specialized structure, can be securely exchanged and processed.  In addition to rich data transformation capabilities, Informatica’s B2B Gateway can leverage Data Quality and Data Masking options to clean and secure any partner data.

To drive the most value from partner-based data, your company will need to seamlessly connect any data from outside-the-four-walls to internal systems in the trusted zone. Informatica’s Data Integration Hub is complementary to the B2B Gateway and can manage mixed-latency integrations between back-end accounting & ERP systems, operational and analytical data stores, data warehouses and virtually any and all data stores including support for Big Data and Hadoop requirements.

Take your organization’s partner network to the next level with Informatica B2B Data Exchange.

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