The New Age of Relationships – Connecting the Dots between People, Places, Things

At Informatica World 2015, we talked about the new age of relationships and connecting the dots between people, places and things. Let me add some more examples of how relationships and relationships between data have changed the world.

Did it all start with Facebook?

Facebook Data Science examined Facebook accounts of people in relationships from around the world, in a bid to understand relationship trends. The data shows that, in 67 percent of heterosexual relationships, the man is older than the woman, with an average age difference of 2.4 years. (Source: Daily Mail)

For those who study Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and dating sites, Social data has revealed new truths about relationships among connected individuals. According to Gartner “Smart, connected technologies don’t just bring “things” together. They also link people, places, and information, creating new opportunities.” (Source: Gartner)

How to turn relationship knowledge into value

Let me share some examples

  1. Marketing: Better understand which marketing campaign work

How did my customers react to which campaign? What were the reasons for buying or not buying? Who said what in which channel about our offering? If you are interested in how big data can be monetized for better marketing and more, you might like this Gartner report: The Impact of Big Data on Master Data Management and How to Survive It.

  1. Supply chain: how to ensure the ability to deliver or to ensure production 

Which products are my top sellers or top margin drivers? Which suppliers are providing them? Who provided which content? What parts or components make up my finished goods? If supply chain is your thing, you might like this New Supplier Management Survey: Cost Reduction and Compliance are Main Pressures

  1. Up-sell: understanding the power of a real 360 view of my client

Think about insurance. Are you able to identify the home address of a given person? What insurance needs are present for this person’s home business? Who else lives in this house? When does the busines owner’s daughter receive her drivers license?

The potential you can unlock, in the new age of relationships between people, places and things, is huge. I recommend you begin to visualize these 360 relationships. This is the start of using the data the right way.

360 Relationships Informatica MDM

… and provide the added value of trusted data relationships where it generates better service or more sales. For example, boost a marketing automation or email camp at with the combined power of a customer, his validated email address, his locations he shopped recently and the product he purchased or viewed…. if this is relevant to your role as a marketer, seller or mechandizer, you might also enjoy reading this blog about making marketing campaigns more relevant to your customers.

Even in my little blog I made relationships to selected and related content. A small step for me, but unlocking the potential for 360 relationships can be a huge leap…