Informatica Cloud Extends New Salesforce Financial Services Cloud with Industry Leading Cloud Integration — Connecting Financial Advisors and Wealth Managers with Clients Like Never Before

Informatica Cloud Extends Salesforce Financial Services Cloud
Informatica Cloud Extends Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

Connecting Financial Advisors and Wealth Managers with Clients Like Never Before

Today, Informatica Cloud marked an important milestone in our relationship with Salesforce. We are happy to announce our participation in the launch of Salesforce’s first industry specific application, Salesforce Financial Services Cloud.

So what is Salesforce Financial Services Cloud? It’s a cloud app built on the Salesforce Sales Cloud that helps financial advisors build deeper relationships with their clients, increase productivity, and engage more holistically with clients anywhere and on any device. Salesforce Financial Services Cloud works safely and securely on any mobile device, allowing financial advisors the freedom to engage with their clients from practically anywhere.

Where does Informatica Cloud fit into this solution? Most financial advisors and investment managers are awash with client and market data, but getting access to and aggregating that data on a daily basis is no small task. And even if advisors manage to get access to the aggregated data, they often question whether that the data is clean and accurate. We believe the data that financial advisors need to help their clients succeed should be available in their wealth management apps, and in real-time.

Informatica Cloud will bridge the data gap by integrating the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud with core back-end systems, such as asset management, portfolio management, risk and trust operations, to aggregate critical investment data in the cloud. Informatica Corporation, a global provider of data integration software, integrates hundreds of on-premises systems, SaaS applications and enterprise databases.

We’re really excited to partner with Salesforce on this brand new application and initiative. A sentiment echoed by Simon Mulcahy, SVP and GM of Financial Services, Salesforce:

Salesforce welcomes Informatica’s participation in our Salesforce Financial Services Cloud initiative. We’re especially pleased that Informatica Cloud is part of our solution that can ultimately help advisors build deeper client relationships, via Informatica’s cloud data integration capabilities. Together, we are enabling advisors to meet the needs of the next-generation of clients who are inherently mobile and social.

Informatica enjoys long-standing relationships with industry leading financial services companies like BNY Mellon, Cardinal Capital Management and Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, and is a leading cloud integration vendor in the Salesforce ecosystem for the financial services industry. If you check our trust site you’ll see that we process more than 200 billion cloud integration transactions a month, the majority of which synchronize data to thousands of Salesforce orgs. Informatica Cloud also connects with hundreds of on-premises and cloud apps, including financial data systems like Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters.

In many ways we’ve got a wealth of knowledge about the financial services industry (sorry about the pun) and it’s not surprising that Informatica was one of the first vendors Salesforce turned to for cloud integration capabilities for this new wealth management initiative.

To experience the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, check out the demo and for more information on Informatica Cloud and Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, visit here.