Transforming Shoppers to Buyers using Product Information

Transforming Shoppers to Buyers using Product Information

Transforming Shoppers to Buyers using Product Information

Today’s shopper has more ways to learn about available products than ever before. As a result, buyers have become smarter, which creates new challenges for sellers. However, for the smart seller, the change can also create opportunities. To identify these opportunities, let us examine what a typical shopper does online? What steps do potential buyers take?

  • Search for a product related term
  • Visits seller websites for information about the product or technology
  • Ask about the product on social channels

In addition to online actions, the potential buyer may take physical actions, such as visiting a store in person. A buyer may take one, two or all of these steps before making a purchase. So how do you, as a seller, tap into this interest, to ensure that your product is selected?

Now that so many purchases are driven by peer-to-peer recommendations, it is imperative for sellers to become introspective. As a seller, here are a few questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Are we aware of the searches happening that relate to our product
  • Are we aware of potential interest displayed on social platforms?
  • Are we able to display available inventory to prospective online customers in real time?
  • Do we provide the correct information about the exact product the customer is interested in?

One approach that could be of great help is to use Informatica’s MDM – Product 360. The application for product information management leverages the full power and capabilities of the Intelligent Data platform. MDM – Product 360 leverages a unified user experience, built-in data quality engine, built-in Business Process Management, search and metadata, inheriting those from the MDM architecture it’s built on. This allows Informatica customers to start smart and grow fast, making it easy to adapt to both market changes and the competitive landscape. This product allows sellers to do the following:

  1. Harness the power of data to improve time to market
  2. Make product data complete and consistent across all channels
  3. Make category managers, marketers and all external data provider collaborate efficient
  4. Connect multiple data repositories, in order to deliver outstanding customer experience
  5. Ensure products are displayed to online customers as soon as they are stocked in your warehouse
  6. Inspect your user interface from the customer point of view

To learn more about product information management with Informatica, I encourage you to watch this video on the Informed Purchase Journey. Also, please REGISTER for our upcoming webinar, Informatica MDM – Product 360: New Product Introduction Reimagined.