Rapidly Perform Customer Segmentation with Informatica REV

It is no revelation that customer segmentation and running specific marketing campaigns targeted to those segments can lead to increased revenue and customer loyalty. In today’s business environment, customers expect personalized conversations based on their unique needs. They don’t want to see some canned email that gets blasted to everyone and their mother.

Segmenting your data is key for differentiating you from your competition. Why? Customer segmentation helps you better communicate the benefits of your products and services to prospects, and segmentation ultimately helps you provide better service once they become customers, thus helping to establish customer loyalty.

However, segmenting your data can be a tedious and cumbersome process if you’re doing it manually in Excel … especially if you’re dealing with countless rows of data. It could take up to several hours to get the data pivoted, sorted, counted, and clustered the way you want it. So, what are you to do when your boss asks you to run a segmentation analysis to identify the top 20% of spenders and have it completed in the next 5 minutes?

REV to the rescue!

Show & Tell

Customer Segmentation in a few simple clicks. REV quickly does the heavy lifting when it comes to identifying the range of lowest to highest values in a set of data, the average and standard deviation of that set of values, and the breakdown of values into clusters.

1. Load your data file into REV and then click on the column you want to segment by. I’ve decided to segment based on lifetime spend per customer. You will quickly see in the profiling section below that REV has already performed the necessary calculations and displayed the relevant information.

Segment Lifetime Spend

2. Click on the Top 20% cluster to have REV filter down and show only those values and corresponding customer records.

Segment Lifetime Spend 2

3. Export the results into a CSV file for further analysis and visualization or to share with your boss.

Segment Lifetime Spend 3

Quick, easy, and simple. And all in a few seconds!

Try It Out

Do you want to try it out for yourself? Sign up for REV and set up your account. Then load in your data file and simply follow the steps outlined above.

Working with data shouldn’t be a hard thing, and it definitely should not take you hours upon hours to get your data fit and ready for forecasting and analysis. Get back the hours you’re losing to Excel. Sign up for REV and go from data drudgery to analytic awesomeness!