Easily Track Sales Data with Informatica Rev

Are you a sales manager or sales analyst that spends hours and hours in Excel to effectively track and forecast sales data? Sales Managers are always looking to find out if their pipeline numbers are on track to meet or exceed forecasted sales. Building to a successful Q4 is a year-long exercise, so imagine the amount of time spent updating the data each time you need to forecast sales data and track pipeline numbers.

Aggregating the pipeline data is very important as your salespeople push to get deals closed in Q4. Furthermore, keeping track of this data and refreshing the data output every week can become tedious work … especially if you’re manually tracking it in a spreadsheet and having to remember each and every step you took to get your output the way you want it. Well, luckily there is an easier way to track and data highlight changes to your pipeline.

And that way is REV!

Show & Tell

Extract Quarter and Year from date. In one simple click, REV makes it easy to extract quarter and year from a date without needing to know how to write an extraction formula. Simply select the date column you want to work with and then click on ‘Extract Fiscal Quarter and Year’ from the suggestions box at the bottom right.

Extract Date 2

Aggregate and Summarize to get a current forecast. Now you want to see what each of your sales reps are working with from a high-level. You want to aggregate all their deals into one sum to understand the total accounts and total deal size in their pipelines. Then you want to summarize this information so it is easy to view and digest. REV performs the aggregation for you in a very easy manner, thus taking out the complexity of trying to do this manually in Excel.

1. Click on the Summarize icon and select Aggregate.

Aggregate 1

2. Select the column parameter you want to aggregate by.

Aggregate 2

3. Click Continue and decide what calculation you want the aggregation to perform.

4. Click Aggregate.

Aggregate 3

Refresh your report with new data to see how the deals are shaping up. Next quarter has come and you receive a new data file with updated pipeline information. You want to see how the deals are shaping up for each of your sales reps. Rather than go through the entire process you went through last quarter to set up the spreadsheet the way you like and perform all the steps taken to track the changes, let REV do all that work for you! Simply load in the new file and watch the magic take place.

1. Click on the Refresh icon and select Refresh.

Refresh 11

2. Load and Refresh the new file that is structurally the same but can be semantically different.

Refresh 2

3. Click on the Refresh icon again and select Highlight Changes.

Refresh 3

4. Select Show Original Values and Hide Unchaged Rows to see what data changed from one quarter to the next.

Refresh 4

Quick, easy, and simple. And all in a few seconds!

Try It Out

Do you want to try it out for yourself? Sign up for REV and set up your account. Then load in your data file and simply follow the steps outlined above.

Working with data shouldn’t be a hard thing, and it definitely should not take you hours upon hours to get your data fit and ready for forecasting and analysis. Get back the hours you’re losing to Excel. Sign up for REV and go from data drudgery to analytic awesomeness!