Well Connected

Faster Well Data, Better Decisions.  Are you Operationally Ready?

Listen to the replay here.
Listen to the webinar replay here.

Informatica partner, SSG Ltd[i], has developed a method using Informatica software to accelerate delivery of XML data, or eXtensible Markup Language, including WITSML data. Wellsite Information Transfer Standard Markup Language, or WITSML, is an industry-developed XML standard for drilling, completions and interventions data interchange in oil & gas[ii].

Used to monitor and measure well performance in the exploration and production of wellsites, better access to wellhead data helps well operators make better decisions that ultimately contribute to increased well productivity. This is important in today’s economic environment where oil production margins are squeezed. Other XML-based standards in the industry include RESML and PRODML for reservoir and production data, respectively.

We’ve just recorded a webinar where experts in data management and integration at Informatica and SSG share how to fast-track the business value of well data, including:

  • Best practices for establishing an impactful well data management program
  • The use cases that decrease costs, reduce downtime, and increase asset utilization
  • How to accelerate delivery of well data to critical business applications and operational analytics with industry WITSML standards

The goal: reduce the time between when the information is generated and when decision makers use it. While optimizing the digital oil field can be a challenge, companies in exploration and production are using Informatica tools to improve efficiency and gain improved visibility to the well that brings significant business benefits.

Connecting to well data is the first of seven steps reviewed in my last oil & gas blog, Well Answered.

As an open source data standard, XML supports industries as diverse as advertising to medicine to wireless to oil fields. It’s also used for the data that’s coming from items connected to the Internet of Things. Things like cars and computers and smart buildings and livestock and wellheads.

Click here to listen to this highly-rated webinar replay and learn more about how to accelerate the capture and interpretation of your XML data.

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