4 Reasons to Build a Data-Ready Organization

4 Reasons to Build a Data-Ready Organization

In the new computing age of engagement, the world of data expands beyond transaction data in database applications and in cloud services to include interaction data in social media, in mobile apps and in the Internet of Things (IoT). Today, our greatest challenge is managing and making sense out of this data. In order to tackle this challenge and build data-ready organizations, companies need to first understand the four technology trends that are disrupting the computing platform.

The four trends include the following:

  1. The economics of cloud is disrupting the computing infrastructure.
  2. The diversity of social media and the Internet of Things are disrupting the data infrastructure.
  3. The richness of big data is disrupting the analytics infrastructure.
  4. The perimeter-less world of pervasive computing is disrupting the security infrastructure.

Each disruptive trend opens up an exciting new opportunity: hybrid cloud integration, next-generation data integration, Internet of master data and data security intelligence. Informatica is embracing these opportunities by revealing key innovations, including: Project Atlantic for cloud integration, Project Sonoma and Rev for next-generation data integration and preparation, Social360 for the Internet of master data and Secure@Source for data security intelligence and analytics.

Informatica Project Atlantic uses genetic algorithms to automatically infer the structure and semantics of machine interaction data, and integrate such data with structured transaction data.

Informatica Project Sonoma for Big Data Integration helps developers productively find, ingest, prepare, provision, secure and govern data – transaction and interaction – managed in Hadoop data lakes.

Informatica Rev for Business User Data Preparation simplifies data preparation with guided recommendations for tasks such as curating, combining and enriching data. 

Social360 for Internet of Master Data is within Informatica MDM. It provides insight into master data, relationships and associated interactions, including social media feeds and media mentions.

Informatica Secure@Source mitigates the risks of breaches by detecting, classifying and monitoring the risks associated with proliferation and usage of sensitive data.

All of these solutions ensure that clean, reliable data is driving forward business performance. Data is the new capital of our global economy. With great data, companies can develop strategies to drive growth, improve performance and create meaningful customer engagement.