Master Data Management Can Turn You into a Hero

MDM Turn You into a Hero

I attended Master Data Management and Data Governance Summit in San Francisco last week. The two day event had as many as 20 sessions covering broadest and deepest practical advice on both MDM and Data Governance initiatives.

Among many great sessions, one of my favorite sessions was from Anthony Vitale on overcoming the pitfalls for a successful MDM implementation. Anthony is VP of Technology Solutions Group at JDA Software (JDA), a leading provider of end-to-end, integrated retail and supply chain planning and execution solutions for more than 4,000 customers worldwide. JDA offers unique solutions that empower its clients to achieve more by optimizing costs, increasing revenue and reducing time to value.

It was apparent from Anthony’s presentation that JDA is laser-focused on creating customer value and making businesses more efficient, sustainable and profitable. With that goal in mind, the company embarked on a master data management journey with focus on improving the customer experience and creating targeted marketing efforts.

Anthony talked about challenges JDA faced and how they needed a solution that would help them address their pain points relating to

  • Fragmented customer data impacting the customer experience
  • Inconsistencies in disparate systems as a result of acquisitions that were causing governance challenges
  • Limited self-service capability that was impacting the business users in becoming efficient

For JDA, the business problems associated with bad data directly impacted company’s bottom line. They were not able to accelerate speed to value from the mergers and acquisitions. The business critical data about customers, suppliers and products was not easily available to business users who needed better quality data in a self-service environment.

JDA chose Informatica MDM because of the out-of-the-box capabilities offered by the product and its leadership position on top analyst reports. The integrated ecosystem that provides master data management, data quality, data integration and Data-as-a-Service was very important. Combined with Informatica’s cloud roadmap and availability of partner ecosystem made Informatica MDM a perfect choice for JDA Software.

Anthony shared many best practices and lessons learned from the implementation that include

  • Clearly defining the business problem
  • Getting leadership and ongoing commitment from business
  • Understanding the data issues and knowing how they are affecting the company
  • Defining data ownership, governance and steering data stewards
  • Starting small, celebrating early successes and incrementally delivering solution with strong focus on business value
  • Continuously measuring and monitoring data quality
  • Following best practices and ensuring that the program addresses the business problem

JDA Software was very clinical in its approach to MDM. A detailed vendor evaluation ensured that they had the right technology. The powerful capabilities provided by Informatica MDM combined with holistic approach to MDM helped Anthony and his team master both customer and product data within 12 months.

With MDM, JDA Software is now customer-ready and has complete view of its customers and the products they purchased. They can do better analytics with clean, consistent and connected data and enable business user self-service. Answering a question from very engaged audience, Anthony said – “With MDM, I am now a HERO in the company”.

Have you taken up your MDM journey yet? Checkout Informatica MDM page to learn how we can help your organization become a customer-ready enterprise.