Informatica Announces Data Integration Capabilities for AWS Aurora

Informatica is pleased to announce general availability of our cloud solution for AWS Aurora. This is in addition to the other suite of connectors and solutions we have for AWS services such as Redshift, S3, RDS, EMR, Kinesis, and Glacier that we already support.

Amazon Aurora is designed to deliver high performance, 99.99% availability, and expected to deliver a service that is 5 times the price-performance of traditional databases when run on the same class of hardware.

Multi-mode Transaction & High Throughput

To make sure Informatica’s solution is best-in-class, we have worked very closely with Amazon on fine-tuning some of the most critical performance parameters of our cloud data integration portfolio and today we can say that what we have is highly optimized and well suited for multiple modes of transactions.


In our labs, with flat-file as source and Aurora as Target, we have reached close to 60,000 writes/sec with compute intensive EC2 machines.

You can leverage Informatica Cloud’s Aurora connectivity for various data integration patterns. Let’s now look at the various capabilities of Informatica Cloud, and how they can help you integrate with AWS Aurora:

Data Replication

  1. Keep your schema and data in sync with other important enterprise SaaS applications such as Salesforce and relational database systems such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and RDS
  2. The ability to do “delta” processing to limit data movement thus ensuring utmost optimization of a data integration process end-to-end
  3. Granular scheduling down to five minutes intervals ensures “near real time” updates


Data Synchronization

Codeless, easy and fast synchronization service with over 150 on-premises and cloud and on-premises applications, relational databases, and Big Data sources.


Advanced Cloud Mapping Designer

Build complex mappings, data masking, data quality, full push-down optimizations with the cloud mapping designer.


You can learn more about the Aurora launch from Jeff Barr’s blog post.

You can take a 30-day free trial of our cloud integration solution for AWS Aurora, and any other AWS service here.