A Novice’s Experience at a Billion Dollar Company

Today’s post is from Kunal Goyal, a Software Development Intern located in our Redwood City HQ office. Kunal is a rising junior at Purdue University, where he studies Computer Science. When he is not working at Informatica, you can find him exploring new places in bay area with friends or playing sports.

“The more you fall, the more you learn.” This is what my coach told me every time I used to fall or get hurt while learning to roller skate.  Those words did not make sense back then.  I finally understand what these words mean now.   Those words are the thread throughout my internship at Informatica.

I came to the office on the first day excited and nervous.   Especially because I was one of the youngest interns and everybody around me was a master’s student or senior to me. I was curious to know about my project but at the same time, I was also not so sure about how much I would be able to contribute.

“We want you to have fun and learn as much as you can.” These were the exact words my manager told me after telling me about my project. I was not sure what he meant initially.   It was like exploring unchartered waters and discovering some cool new stuff. That being said, I made a lot of mistakes and there were also some roadblocks.  But, at every turn along the way, my team and I were able to brainstorm new ideas and ways to approach the problem in whole new way.

What I have learned is that making mistakes is not that bad, but learning from them is the key to success.  The feeling of actually contributing to and making a difference makes this experience amazing and something to look forward to. My time here at Informatica has been really enriching and pleasant as everyone treats each other as equal even as an Intern, which is really important for me.  It’s like for three months; you are a normal employee of the company, a part of the team regardless of your Intern title.

There have been many FIRSTs this summer and many more to come in the remaining weeks here at Informatica.  Just as my manager said on the first day, it’s been a fun and a great learning experience so far and I am sure that it will help me grow further and achieve what I intended to achieve from this fruitful summer.