Tackling My Summer Internship Head-on: An Athlete’s Approach for a Successful Summer Internship

Today’s post is from David Goldgof, a Cloud Product Marketing Intern located in our Redwood City HQ office. David is a rising senior at Cornell University, where he studies Operations Research Engineering. When David is not working at Informatica, you can probably find him hanging out with friends, at the gym, or outside enjoying the beautiful California weather

Tackling Internship Head-on

“We’re just taking this one game at a time.” It’s what I’ve heard after every game; win or loss, in every sport I’ve ever watched. This phrase holds extra weight right now, with all of the Bay Area buzzing in the aftermath of the NBA finals. These meaningful words also happen to apply to my first few weeks at Informatica.

I began my internship here with excitement and anticipation, no previous industry experience, and not really knowing what to expect. Just as athletes move forward one game at a time, in the early stages of my internship, I have been taking my work here one step at a time as well.  One task at a time, one meeting at a time, one day at a time.

This is certainly made easier by the work culture I have experienced thus far. Every person is extremely friendly, willing to explain simple questions and teach me the basics. In addition, being part of a large group of interns makes going through the learning experience more fun, as I’m surrounded by peers in the same situation.

I can confidently say, with this one step at a time attitude, my first few weeks here at Informatica have been a great experience. I am making progress faster than ever before, and each day brings new challenges and exciting opportunities. I am always learning new things, absorbing as much industry and company expertise as I possibly can. In just my first few weeks here, I have been collaborating with people from all across the company, which has been a great way for me to learn from several different perspectives. This is all I can really ask for at this point in my career, as I look towards the future and try to plan my next steps.

As I progress in my internship, I plan to continue to learn as much as possible, and more importantly, have a lot of fun doing it. Looking ahead, I am excited to eventually reach the point this summer where I can look back and reflect on my experience here. Until then, I will keep moving forward, taking one small step at a time.

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