Informatica is a Leader in the Gartner 2015 Magic Quadrant for Data Archiving and Application Retirement

INFA DA MQ-20150622
2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Archiving and Application Retirement

The results are in for the 2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Structured Data Archiving and Application Retirement. And… (drum roll please)… Once again, Gartner has recognized Informatica as a Leader in the data archiving market. There are more specifics below but the summary is that Gartner recognized the Informatica Data Archive product, support and services for its wide range of archiving support for applications, databases and also its ability to help customers across all archiving use cases. In addition, Gartner gave Informatica kudos for delivering on our customer commitments and having a strong roadmap to meet the new demands of customer requirements. We are very pleased that we strengthened our leadership position in the MQ this year.

The Magic Quadrant calls out two primary use cases as well as a third emerging one. The first two use cases are “live archiving of production applications” and “application retirement of legacy systems.” Informatica excels at helping customers with both of these IT initiatives. Live archiving enables customers to optimize retention policies for production applications and databases to improve performance and manageability while retaining native application access to historical data. Application retirement helps with the strategic de-commissioning of legacy applications to eliminate application maintenance and infrastructure costs while preserving compliance and retention for data governance. The third emerging use case is around “archive analytics”. Many companies are finding that there is more value than once realized in the archive data itself. Consolidating data across applications, across acquired companies and across databases into a single accessible, searchable archive brings new opportunities to find value in historical data. Informatica already has advanced capabilities in our underlying Data Vault technology for compression, compliance, search and access in a multi-source archive. We continue to invest in the latest technology like Hadoop for advanced archive capabilities and to drive down costs.

Since your application landscape is constantly evolving, structured data archiving and application retirement strategies need to be part of your strategic IT initiatives. With Informatica Data Archive in your tool chest you have a weapon to control costs and manage systems as applications are upgraded, replaced, consolidated, moved to the cloud and/or retired.

How can you learn more? Here are links to better understand Informatica’s unparalleled connectivity, comprehensive retention management, compliance and access to archive data. Informatica Data Archive options– (i.e. Smart Partitioning, Live Archiving, and Application Retirement).

For more information, read the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Structured Data Archiving and Application Retirement.