Marketers Are Responsible for a Great Customer Experience – Are They Ready?

Marketers Are Responsible for a Great Customer Experience
Marketers Are Responsible for a Great Customer Experience

On Christmas Eve 2014, a customer in New York City ordered a package from Amazon at 10:24 pm and received it at 11:06 pm — just 42 minutes later.

This is just one dramatic example of how customer expectations are changing. Your customers want a great experience, tailored to them, that meets or exceeds expectations every time. For organizations in every industry, it’s no longer about transactions, but interactions.

Marketers today are in charge of the customer experience (and its budget) more than anyone else in the organization. They also said in a survey from Adobe Systems that they are becoming increasingly accountable for generating revenue. More and more into the immediate future, success in the marketing area will be tied to a great customer experience, which will drive business growth and success.

The importance of this cannot be understated, as Gartner predicts that organizations in all industries will soon be competing on customer experience alone. That ability to stay competitive will hinge on marketing’s success with its new role as facilitators of a great customer experience.

To do this, marketers map the 1:1 customer journey and improve the experience all along the way. Great results in service, engagement, and ultimately revenue will be the result.

No Journey Happens Without a Beginning or an End

Right from the start all the way to the finish, a successful customer journey depends on high quality customer data from every source. Applications, campaigns, and messaging are best when fueled with clean, consistent and connected customer information.

Marketers know that the most important piece of information that organizations possess is customer data. 74% of marketers surveyed by Adobe Systems agreed that acquiring and using data to make decisions about marketing activities is the new reality.

Marketers can ensure a successful 1:1 customer journey with these five steps:

  1. Acquisition: Organic growth of prospects and customers in databases
  2. Verification: Knowing the right message for an individual customer based on great data
  3. Enrichment: Segmentation of customer lists and creating personalized messages
  4. Implementation: Using the channels that customers prefer
  5. Governance: Planning ahead to update and cleanse data regularly

For more on how marketers should approach this subject and details on the five steps listed here, register now for the June 22 webinar, “How Marketers Can Turn Customer Data into Marketing Genius.”