Airlines, Big Data and Customer Loyalty

Airlines and "Small" Big Data Relationships
Airlines and “Small” Big Data Relationships

I travel quite often and I take most of my flights with a single airline group. Of course I collect my loyalty points and miles on a mileage program. I book using their website, but I also interact with their call center and use their mobile apps to Check-in. In my travels, I have found Twitter to be the fastest channel to get in touch with these companies: Much faster that email and hotlines. Most big companies do a very good job in being responsive on Twitter. I find I receive very quick replies, showing me they care about my request.

Despite all this, sadly, none of these brands seem know who I am when I contact them:

  1. They don’t know that Twitter @benrund is me Benjamin Rund
  2. They don’t know my loyalty card number
  3. They don’t know my most recent travels, even if I call the hotline one week after I took three flights on their airline
  4. My mileage account is not consistent across their own website and mobile app
  5. They ask me to send an email to provide my customer number
  6. They don’t know that I have a nicely sized Twitter following and that, as a result, I am influencing other business travelers
  7. They don’t know how much money I spend with them
"Sorry, we don't know you."
“Sorry, we don’t know you.”

This screen shot is from brand for which I have been a long-term customer. Despite this, they still aren’t able to identify me.

This experience really turns me off. 65% of consumers say they become frustrated if they don’t receive a consistent experience (source: Accenture 2014)

If an organization is serving 100,000s of customers or even 25 mio of customers, it gets more challenging to turn social unstructurged data into value. The challenge with big data is, it is easy to collect but hard to transform into actionable value.

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