Bad (Data) PR? Data Integration Testing Can Help!

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Someone once said “any PR is good PR”.  Well I respectfully disagree. Would anyone like to see their company featured in the news for issuing a 23 quadrillion dollars credit card bill??? Can you believe it? Yes, that is a real-life story! How can you prevent those ‘bad data headlines’ from being bestowed upon your company?

The answer is staring us straight in the face.  It may be more obvious than you think.  In fact it may be so simple that it might just make you laugh!  Yes, there are many ways to improve the quality of your data. But I believe that one very low hanging watermelon is Data Integration Testing.  Take a moment and really think about it? Just how good is your testing? How timely is it? How manageable? How thorough? And btw, how frustrating and painful do you find your testing to be? Most importantly does it really help you significantly improve the quality of your data???

PowerCenter customers subscribe to the visual, metadata-driven, automated approach to developing and deploying Data Integration processes. But one area that is often short-handed, is testing.  By the time we get to the testing phase of the project we are already behind schedule.  As we rush to get to deployment, the testing phase is frequently compressed and compromised. To make matters worse, testing is commonly manual, partial and error-prone.  With limited time and resources, this leads to sub-par results downstream. Consequently reducing quality of the data delivered to the business.  In the best case scenario this can lead to costly post-production troubleshooting.  In the worst case scenario this may result in poor business decisions.  Or worse, land us in the headlines, with less than favorable news about our company. As we have seen.

Would you like to know how you can dramatically improve the testing phase of your Data Integration life-cycle?  By automating your Data Integration testing!  This will improve the overall agility, quality and security of your Data Integration processes.  Automation will reduce time and costs of your testing.  It will help you deliver better data to support improved decision making.  And it will help you protect sensitive data and deliver an auditable testing process.  The latter is particularly important in highly regulated industries.

Automated Data Integration Testing includes Test Data Management (TDM) and Data Validation Testing (DVO).  Check out this video above to see how these two technologies work in concert to improve your testing. TDM enables you to rapidly and easily provision data subsets from production data and consistently mask that live data as needed during testing.  Additionally if you are testing processes, for which production data does not yet exist, you can automatically generate synthetic data based on your testing rules. Test data is used as the source data for unit and regression testing.  Data Validation Testing, in turn, enables you to test your logic during unit and regression testing.  DVO runs your pre-define validation rules on the target data and provides reports and dashboards that help you modify and fine-tune your code as needed.  You then iterate the whole process. All your work, using TDM and DVO tools, is reusable, repeatable, auditable and scalable.

As you can see in the charts provided by TechValidate, an independent 3rd party research firm, the majority of Informatica customers surveyed, state that Test Data Management reduces testing time, cost and/or resources needed to complete testing activities, improves quality and increases compliance with data privacy regulations and data security policies.  And the majority of TDM customers surveyed realize a time savings of 30% or more.TechValidate_TDM_Time savings_ChartTechValidate_TDM_Customer Benefits chart





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Additionally, TechValidate reports that the majority of Informatica customers surveyed state that Data Validation Testing reduces their total cost and total time required for Data Testing.




DVO_Save timeAre you intrigued by how you can benefit from Automated Data Integration Testing?  Would you like to learn more about Test Data Management and Data Validation Testing?  Then,

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