New Tools for the Data-Driven Marketer: Salesforce Wave Analytics and Informatica

Salesforce Wave Analytics and Informatica
Salesforce Wave Analytics and Informatica
Marketing has become a very right-brain discipline, where the top recruiting targets are no longer creative directors, but data scientists. And in many marketing teams it has become extremely important to foster that data-driven discipline, which includes proficiency with data and analytics, not just through data scientists but across the entire marketing team.

In my role heading up marketing for the cloud business at Informatica, I spend a lot of time—and I mean a lot— analyzing our marketing data to determine the ROI on marketing spend, optimizing the program mix, testing messaging and creative design, and mapping out stumbling blocks in our customers’ journey. And I use a wide variety of tools, ranging from Excel, to Informatica Rev (for data preparation), to a variety of business intelligence tools, to the built-in analytics in our key cloud applications such as’s Sales Cloud.

One of the new goodies now in the marketer’s toolkit is Salesforce Analytics Cloud (aka Wave). We’ve seen a lot of interest in Wave among our customers, who are looking to expand analytics to the masses by marrying Analytics Cloud with existing Salesforce Cloud deployments. These customers are also pairing Wave with our own Informatica Cloud technologies to integrate data from multiple on-premise and cloud sources into Wave, and with Informatica Rev to empower marketers and analysts to prepare and cleanse the data for further analysis.

We strive to drink our own champagne here at Informatica, so we are exploring how we can use Wave in our own marketing analytics. If you want to see it in action, come by the Salesforce Connections conference in New York on June 16, where I’ll be co-presenting with Ben Pruden, Director of Product Marketing for Analytics Cloud. In the session “Get a Richer View of Customers with Wave, the Salesforce Analytics Cloud”, I will be demoing a pilot project we’ve started combining Analytics Cloud, Informatica Cloud and Rev to examine the marketing funnel, campaign ROI and more. And the Salesforce marketing and sales operations teams will be demoing how they’re drinking their own champagne, too. Hope to see you in New York!