Healthcare Powered by the Cloud?

Healthcare Powered by the Cloud

It’s true.  Cloud technology is transforming the way companies do business and is the preferred choice for enterprises large and small, from financial services to government when it comes to adopting enterprise software going forward. This is also true in today’s Healthcare industry. According to a 2014 HIMSS Analytics Cloud Survey, 83% of IT executives reported that they are already using cloud services today with SaaS-based applications being most popular (66.9%).  What are healthcare providers and payers using Cloud for you ask?  According to HIMSS, the top 5 uses of cloud in healthcare include:

  1. Hosting Clinical Applications and data (43.6%)
  2. Health Information Exchange (38.7%)
  3. Back up and data recovery (35%)
  4. Hosting HR applications and data (34%)
  5. Hosting financial applications and data (34)

The top 3 reasons for going to the cloud are similar to other industries including:

  • Lower application maintenance costs (55.7%)
  • Speed of deployment (53.2%)
  • Limited internal/on-premise staff and/or expertise to support on-premise software (51.6%)

The top 3 concerns of moving to the cloud include:

  • Security concerns (61.4%)
  • IT operations being a completely internal function (42.3%)
  • Availability and uptime concerns (38.4%)

Cloud technologies including Software as a Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) are on the rise and will have a significant role in the future of value based healthcare services. In addition to the concerns called out in the HIMSS survey, the reality is many healthcare organizations will never completely replace on-premise systems like Epic and others to support their business.  The reality of a Hybrid (Cloud + On-premise) application and data eco-system will exist for some time. As healthcare providers and payers look to invest in cloud to leverage its benefits, they must also consider investing in proper technology to integrate, govern, and secure data between business applications, databases, and analytic solutions in this hybrid world.

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