Stop Supplier Data Chaos: Get Access to the Total Supplier Relationship with a Supplier360 View

If your CFO asked for a list of your top 500 suppliers around the globe, how much time and effort would it take?

Is it difficult for you to pull together a report for tax purposes that shows how your company supports minority-owned or women-owned businesses?

How quickly can you take action if an environmental or political issue impacts a sub-supplier?

Watch the above short video to learn about the companies who are strategically managing and sharing their supplier data across the enterprise so they can quickly and easily answer these questions, cut costs, evaluate supplier performance, risk and compliance, and drive revenue by getting products to market faster.

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At larger organizations, company and contact information for suppliers and vendors is often managed in multiple application silos. As a result, the information is fragmented, inaccurate, inconsistent, and disconnected, which requires far too much manual, time-consuming, error-prone and costly effort to manage.

For those companies that have large expenses associated with sourcing raw materials or products from suppliers, streamlining the process of managing supplier information and the items they supply can make a significant impact on the bottom line.

Last week at the Retail Week Supply Chain Summit in London, we announced this news: Informatica Introduces Total Supplier Relationship Application, A Master Data-Fueled Solution: New application optimizes supplier information management with a Supplier360 view across the enterprise


Frank Griffith, Senior Director, Integrated Procurement Systems, Sodexo
Frank Griffith, Senior Director, Integrated Procurement Systems, Sodexo

Frank Griffith, Senior Director of Integrated Procurement Systems at Sodexo, a global leader in services that improve the Quality of Life, had this to say,

“The Informatica Total Supplier Relationship application will empower Sodexo to manage our supplier master data and vendor items more effectively and streamline our current supply chain processes.

Based on one, single trusted view of our vendor and product data, we will be able to better track our vendors’ compliance, and manage vendor performance and certifications, while leveraging the GDSN (Global Data Synchronization Network) for nutritional product attribute data.”



eBook, Total Supplier Information Management
Download this eBook to learn how supplier data chaos may be costing you millions

Check out the eBook, Total Supplier Information Management to find out about the cost of supplier data chaos, the warning signs to look for, and how you can achieve Total Supplier Information Management.