Meet Informatica at GS1 Connect and Get Customer & Compliance Ready

GS1 Connect 2015

From May 31st to June 4th, 2015, GS1 Connect is taking place in Austin, Texas. For the first time, Informatica will be a sponsor of the leading trading partner collaboration event where industry stakeholders, data standards users, and experts gather to share practical ideas and industry-tested best practices for leveraging GS1 Standards in supply chain operations.

Informatica is a 1WorldSync certified solutions partner and a partner of GS1, a standards organization dedicated to improving supply chain visibility for all stakeholders along the product’s journey from source to point of consumption. 1WorldSync is the leading global product information network and data pool solutions provider.

Working with the GS1 standards supports brand owners, food manufacturers, grocery and CPG retail companies to become both, customer and compliance ready:

  • Compliance ready: comply with public regulations and safety standards
  • Customer ready: inform consumers on the presence or absence of allergenic product ingredients or other attributes

In addition, it enables targeted and effective recall of dangerous products from the market and helps fight counterfeiting and protects brand integrity.

Combined with Informatica’s GDSN Accelerator for CPG customers can easily link their backend systems with the GDSN (Global Data Synchronization) to deliver consolidated and reliable business-critical data to applications.

1WS choreography imageSuppliers and retailers are able to share standardized product data, cut down the cost of building point to point integrations and speed-up new product introductions having access to the most accurate and current product information.

A large food manufacturer in the US has recently picked Informatica’s Master Data Management for product data, including Data Quality and a GDSN Accelerator to synchronize product data with trading partners. Using the GDSN Accelerator allows them to share relevant product information with their trading partners. Having product data synchronization with GS1 via 1Worldsync was a major prerequisite when selecting the right partner. They use Informatica as their foundation to seamlessly and effectively execute their multichannel strategies and to provide accurate product information and -data quality, optimizing their omnichannel initiatives, automating and expediting the current manual process of GS1 data synchronization.

Their VP of IT says: “For our business success it is crucial to ensure accurate and up-to-date product information when communicating our offerings to consumers through various sales channels, including traditional print, online and mobile. Additionally, we need to automate the process of sharing mandatory food related product attributes with our trading partners via the GDSN. We expect to significantly reduce manual efforts and costs of labor related to GS1 product data synchronization. In addition, using this 1WorldSync certified GDSN solution, we will be able to increase our product data quality, provide more detailed product information, and help ensure that our food service customers are compliant with public regulations and consumers asking for allergen and nutrition facts.”

Meet Informatica at GS1 Connect 2015 in Austin at booth, 701 to learn more on MDM and the GDSN Accelerator for CPG.

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