Big Data Streaming Haiku

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Big Data Streaming Haiku

At Big Data Summit / Hadoop World last month, I was astonished by all the new lingo and sheer volume of words in marketing collateral handed out by vendors. There was so much so, that I pledged to aggressively cut down my words when I write about Big Data. This should be easy, in theory, but as I discovered, quite difficult with all the precise language needed to explain detailed concepts to techies.

So– while doing research on how I might accomplish this, I came across a poignant example, (erroneously attributed to Ernest Hemingway), who was said, after a bet with friends, to be able to deliver an entire novel in only 6 words.

He then wrote on a napkin the following 6 words:

For sale: Baby shoes, never worn

And henceforth collects his winnings from his friends.

After reading that, I was challenged–What if I only had 6 words to describe Big Data or Cloud Computing or Real Time Data Integration for that matter?

After a few futile attempts, out came this <Cloud Computing Delivers Computing Like Utilities>. I then concluded 6 words is fairly difficult but not impossible.

But techies still need more depth (and maybe more fun) –so I thought about haiku– which is Japanese poetry that consists of only 3 verses. The first verse is 5 syllables, the second is 7, then the third is 5 again. More importantly, haiku has both depth and fun.

Using this format, I tried to explain the value of big data computing –this time with a little spark.


That was fun. How about a Haiku on the value proposition of big data real time streaming tools:


Then a pair on what proactive monitoring of big data might do to help a sys admin… with an ominous warning thrown in for good measure:




Then this Haiku advocating why you may be interested in Customer 360 visibility


Since a big part of the value proposition of the Big Data Edition and Vibe Data Stream relates to security and intrusion detection, I thought this Haiku might resonate with folks:


Now that I was getting the hang of it, I thought about what real time customer 360 views might mean to CMOs or CEOs and out popped this:




Then finally just for the heck of it, 2 haiku for Marge Breya, our CMO about what Informatica provides for the world at large (with a little edge to it):


And because Informatica has been making great data, ready for analytics for 20 years, this one is fairly apparent.



So, my conclusion is that while Haiku is not the optimum communications medium for techies, it’s clear to me that tech vendors and thought leaders should strive for simplicity and get to the point more quickly about the value that Big data tools can have for businesses. Let us know how we’re doing.

Meanwhile if you’d like to take a look at the real software and be so inspired, here’s a downloadable version you can try out for free-…. So you too can be inspired to Haiku.