The Age of Engagement Depends on Great Data


The Age of Engagement

It’s been a while since we were able to connect. We tried to reach you recently regarding a recall on your 2013 (car make and model removed) that you leased from our dealership. Please confirm your address and phone number and contact us to make an appointment for the recall replacement.

Address: 13506 Crestview Circle, Raleigh, NC 27601

Phone: 918-908-7755

Thank you!

Local Car Dealership

My wife recently received an email just like the one above to her personal email address, which provided us with a good laugh. See her name isn’t Warren, it’s actually Lauren…and this isn’t her phone number or our mailing address. However, the contact information was close and the details about our vehicle were correct. Couple that with the fact that the email is from the salesman that we leased our car from, and we realized that something terribly wrong must have occurred when the dealer typed our data into their contact database at the time we leased the car.

While Lauren has comically always received mail addressed to Warren, it’s usually been junk mail and not about a safety recall to one of our cars. As I’m sure you can imagine this was a less than stellar experience with a brand that we love. However, it reminded me about the various keynote presentations that I heard last week at Informatica World and inspired me to write this post.

For those of you that were able to attend Informatica World 2015 last week, you likely learned all about The Age of Engagement and how your customers expect you to interact with them. There were several presentations showing how each of the product groups enable you to effectively engage with your customers and how at the heart of this Age of Engagement lies accurate data.

Whether it’s getting someone’s name right or storing an accurate address, having clean data is a requirement to be able to improve your relationship with your customers in this new Age of Engagement. I’d like to offer you three quick steps to start getting this right and begin your customer interactions.

Verify Your Customer Information

Whether you’re using an MDM solution to have a single view of your customer or verifying their contact data at the point of acquisition, technology can make having clean data simple. With the great tools that are available today, you can easily know that your customer’s name isn’t Warren. You can also verify each individual part of the customer contact record. For example using our Address Verification service will ensure that you have the accurate mailing address for each of your customers throughout the world. Using our Email Verification service will verify that the email address that your customer gave you is accurate, in real-time at that moment, directly with the domain. Also, using our Phone Validation service, you can confidently know that your customer’s phone number is accurate, if it’s a mobile or a landline phone, even what time zone it’s in (so that you don’t try send them a message in the middle of the night). These easy to use services will take the most critical components of the contact record, verify their accuracy, and give you the confidence that you’ll be able to connect with your customers.

Create a Better Message

Now that you know that you can confidently connect with your customers, it’s time to create a message that will resonate with them. You could utilize a product or customer MDM solution to pull in data about your previous customer interactions such as their accurate name, the product that they bought, and when they bought it. You could also append additional data elements from external sources to more accurately segment and target your audience, and even personalize the message for both B2C and B2B customers. For example, you could leverage our Business Data Enrichment service, fueled by Dun and Bradstreet, to learn all about your B2B customers and their businesses to craft the perfect message to use in your engagement efforts.

Start the Conversation

Once you know you have accurate contact data and you’ve crafted the best message to your customer, it’s time to actually reach out to them. In the history of customer engagement, there have never been more options available to us in order to reach our customers. While every customer might have a different preference for how they want to be contacted, one surefire way is to leverage the mobile channel. SMS text messages sent to your customers are quick and interactive. By 2017 Portio Research estimates that nearly 2 trillion messages will be sent from businesses to their customers throughout the world. If mobile isn’t a channel that you’re considering, maybe it’s time to start thinking about adding it into your engagement plans.

By verifying that you have clean data and have created a great message, engaging with your customers has never been easier than it is right now. Start the conversation and improve the relationship that you have with your customers today.