New Supplier360 View for Optimized Supplier Information Management

If your organization is working with a large number of vendors, you know the challenge to successfully manage your suppliers’ information across the entire enterprise.

It starts with quickly onboarding the right suppliers at the right location to introduce a new product or initiate a project – a process that can take several weeks if it isn’t automated.

Once qualified and on-boarded, you need to be able to assess your suppliers’ risk and compliance and analyze their performance. Do my suppliers deliver on time? Do they meet our quality standards? Do we benefit from negotiated corporate discounts and payment terms with a trusted Supplier360 view of our supplier relationships worldwide?

In order to enable organizations to more effectively manage vendors and their performance, negotiate better prices and payment terms, and reduce operating costs and risk, Informatica just launched the Total Supplier Relationship Application (TSR), a master data-fueled solution that optimizes supplier information management with a Supplier360 view across the enterprise.

Sodexo is a multinational food services and facilities management corporation. Frank Griffith, Senior Director of Integrated Procurement Systems at Sodexo says: “The Informatica Total Supplier Relationship application will empower Sodexo to manage our supplier master data and vendor items more effectively and streamline our current supply chain processes. Based on one, single trusted view of our vendor and product data, we will be able to better track our vendors’ compliance, and manage vendor performance and certifications, while leveraging the GDSN (Global Data Synchronization Network) for nutritional product attribute data.”

TSR 360 ViewCombining the industry-leading Informatica Master Data Management (MDM) hub with Informatica Data Integration and Informatica Data Quality, TSR is a master data-fueled application with a configurable business-friendly user interface. It can be enhanced with Informatica Product Information Management (PIM) and Data-as-a-Service for contact data verification and enrichment.




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