Data Integration and Your Dog

Data Integration and Your DogI read an interesting blog from Lisa Weiner that says, “As more wearable devices integrate data, Jawbone and Whistle have partnered to combine self-fitness tracking with a dog’s activity.” “Through the Jawbone UP app, users can see resting, walking, playing, running, or swimming time with their dogs on their activity stream.”

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but these days everyone wears devices that monitor activities. Not just work out activities, but time spent doing almost anything, including sleeping, eating, even watching TV. Now, it appears that you can include your dog into the gathering of data about physical activity. Why not?

“Whistle uses a three-axis accelerometer to track daily exercise and rest cycles. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connect the tag to your phone and the cloud. Daily benchmarks and activity graphs are presented on its app, which generates events in a dog’s timeline. Users can comment on, customize, and share the data.”

While most don’t make the link with gathering data from your body, often called telemetry, and data integration. The link is clearly there. Indeed, if you’re wearing such devices, you’re spinning off a bunch of data each day. This data has value to both yourself, your doctor, and even research.

What’s interesting here is that they are including pets in this process, which on the surface seems a bit silly, but just as with yourself, the activity level of your dog goes directly to the health and longevity of your dog. What’s more, perhaps in the future we can spot issues with our pets, such as vitals that are showing signs of trouble, before real problems emerge.

The key to all of this is the ability to make sense of the data. Data integration has to occur between the wearable device that is gathering the data, and the database where it’s stored.

What’s more, that data should be mashed up with other data, in this case, the activity data gathered from your dog as related to yours. However, it could also be a massive database of patterns that determine when you, or your dog, is headed for trouble, in terms of health, using the data you’ve both been producing over time.

So, once again, just the collection and storage of data, such as that gathered from telemetry devices, does nothing if it’s just left on the table. However, when data integration enters into the picture, we now have the ability to copy data from place to place, mash it up with other meaningful data, and make better sense of it.

I never expected to be integrated with my dog. But, if data integration can provide value, it should be leveraged, no matter if it’s me, a cloud, an enterprise system, or a bulldog.