A Day in the Life of an MDMer at Informatica World 2015 – Day 1

What a day! This should go down as one of the best days in this entire year.

At the sold out Informatica World 2015 All Things Data conference today, Sohaib Abbasi, CEO of Informatica outlined the move to the “age of engagement”. The main highlight for the MDMer in me was the announcement of Social360 for Internet of Master Data.

Informatica MDM now offers Social360 to view master data, relationships and associated interactions, including social media feeds and media mentions. By matching transactions with social relationships, Informatica MDM can identify the top influencers among the most valuable customers. Designed to run natively on Hadoop, Informatica Big Data Relationship Management identifies household and social relationships across billions of records representing millions of people.

Age_of_EngagementSuresh Menon – VP of Product Management at Informatica opened the MDM Day sessions with a one liner – “we make great data ready to use”.

Companies are trying master the digital transformation successfully. In order to accelerate this transformation, Suresh talked about 3 key aspects that will drive the new age –

New Age of Relationships: Relations between party, places, things, household, family and their interactions in a socially rich world will continue in fast pace.

New Age of Bimodal Governance: Information governance has  become a democratic exercise that works both top-down and buttom-up. Bimodal is an ENABLER for business and IT, managing the way how we colloborate and how processes are exectuted to do the right things right.

New Age of Trusted Master Data Fueled Apps: We are entering a new era of master data fuled applications which deliver clean, consistent data. For example, Product 360 for retail, Total supplier relationship for supply chain optimization, Big Data Realtionship Management to address use cases such as effective campaign management to increase your marketing ROI. These apps run on Informatica’s powerful multidomain platform to deliver wide range of use case and industry specific solutions.

Following this was Devon Energy and Noah Consulting keynote where Devon shared how they could deliver fast, accurate Big Data to make smart and quick decisions. Devon uses Informatica MDM and Big Data solutions to provide authoritative and trusted data as it relates to wells, suppliers, and other key master and reference data. This allows them to build data pipelines in Hadoop that transform and prepare data for Big Data analytics.

I attended a number of sessions that were part of MDM Day agenda. That include –

  • Symantec & EMC using Informatica MDM and Informatica Data Quality to deliver trusted customer views.
  • eBay one of the world’s largest online marketplaces, led a financial transformation with data to maximize the value of finance and drive functional effectiveness.
  • A large global company utilizing MDM to enable successful global workday implementation for HR across 60 countries with 100+ HR applications with varying level of data governance across 275 companies.
  • GE Aviation shared their new approach to scaling MDM to the enterprise, architecture and concepts on data lakes, and how MDM plays into their large data volumes.

A great day overall with a lot of discussion on topics thar are near and dear to me. I also got a chance to sit (and have a drink) with some amazing folks who focus on MDM, data quality and data governance.

With that I will sign-off as the clock hits the midnight. I will bring you more news from Informatica World, specifically the Information Quality and Governance track sessions happening tomorrow. Stay tuned and as always keep an eye on @MDMGeek on twitter.