The New Data Wizard Is Here: Next Generation Salesforce Data Loader (and a whole lot more) for Business Users Everywhere

This week marks the official launch of the new, free Informatica Cloud Data Wizard on the Salesforce AppExchange. For the last month, we’ve been running the Data Wizard in Beta with customers and partners, and the feedback from users has been overwhelmingly positive. The Data Wizard replaces our popular Data Loader app, which has had a long run as one of the AppExchange’s highest rated free data loader apps. When we set out to design the next generation data loader, we wanted to redefine the category, not just roll out another upgrade. To accomplish that, we built the new Data Wizard on our core cloud integration platform, but focused on an even more intuitive, one-click user experience. In the process, we took a simple data-loading tool and turned it into a sophisticated native integration application inside of Salesforce, designed for Salesforce Admins and other business users. The result is something that solves the everyday integration needs of the majority of Salesforce business users and many of the basic use cases for even technical users. That’s welcome news to just about everyone in the ecosystem – our beta surveys indicated that approximately 50% of Data Wizard beta users spend up to 10 hours a week on integration issues, and17% spend as many as 40 hours.

Informatica Cloud’s new Data Wizard has been a real joy to work with! As a Salesforce Platinum Cloud Alliance Partner, we work every day with our customers on Salesforce implementation, customization, and integration. The biggest challenge we face is getting data into Salesforce. Because Informatica Cloud’s Data Wizard is natively built into Salesforce, it’s a breeze to load data into it from other sources. What’s more, some of the transformations provided within the Data Wizard help us resolve numerous data quality issues on the fly, which reduces implementation times for our customers. says Astha Panchal, Integration Specialist, Silverline.

Astha wasn’t the only Beta tester impressed with the new app’s features, we had a ton of great feedback from Salesforce Sales Consultants, business users from existing Informatica Cloud customers, and SI partners. More than 83% of testers loved the fact that they could access the Data Wizard directly from their Salesforce instance. The same number echoed their approval of the functionality that enables you to export or import a CSV file directly to or from a cloud storage application such as Box.

When we released the Wizard Beta last month, we said the app would change the landscape for data loaders with the three following innovations.

  • Easy-to-use Excel-like transformations to eliminate the formatting issues typically associated with moving data in and out of Salesforce.
  • Built-in intelligence to automate the mapping of data into Salesforce for a range of common use cases.
  • Pre-built integration templates to make it possible to perform app-to-app integrations without any other utility or assistance from IT.

Since the Beta was released last month, users have been putting the Data Wizard and our claims to the test in every possible use case. The results speak for themselves.

Data Transformations

We released the new Data Wizard with more than 300 built-in transformations. And Beta users have been taking advantage of them to do everything from synchronizing and conversion of data to concatenation and cleansing of their data on the fly, right from the Data Wizard application. User after user has expressed how important this is to them. One use case that has stood out has been the concatenation of address data. Many Beta testers have been using the function while importing lead address data into Salesforce, to ensure bad addresses or routed to the right queue and handled correctly.

Built-in Intelligence

Another innovation users are taking advantage of is the built-in intelligence. Many non-native applications code the date field as a string, which causes the Salesforce import to fail. Without the Data Wizard, restructuring the date field for Salesforce requires outside intervention, and additional time and inconvenience. With the Data Wizard, the date string is automatically transformed and brought into the opportunity object and validated, with no muss or fuss, or outside assistance.

 App-to-App Integration

Before the Data Wizard came along, app-to-app integration was something you could only get by using an integration app outside of Salesforce. Not so anymore. As the multitude of Beta testers have just discovered, the Wizard’s built-in integration templates allow you to accomplish many of the most common app-to-app integrations while importing your data into Salesforce. That, as many Beta users can attest, has come in very handy with the NetSuite to Salesforce use case in particular. As anyone who has ever tried to bring data from NetSuite into Salesforce knows, the shipping and billing address fields don’t match and getting them to align is no easy task. By leveraging our Cloud platform’s pre-built integration templates, the Wizard abstracts away the complexity of the transformation.  With just the click of a few buttons, the user can take what are two separate objects in NetSuite and quickly and correctly restructure it as one object for Salesforce. Now when users invoice or ship from NetSuite, they can be assured they are pulling the correct shipping and billing address for that business or location from the master in Salesforce.

Now that the Data Wizard is out for general release, we’re already working on the next enhancements. Future releases will feature a fourth innovation in data intelligence: data management. Soon, in addition to data integration, you’ll be able to sync and cleanse data right from the Data Wizard interface. In the meantime, we invite you to take advantage of the three innovations in data intelligence available now, free from the Salesforce AppExchange.