Introducing the Informatica Technology Partner Network

Enabling ISVs to Connect to More Data

Data is critical to application growth. Bringing additional data into your application is costly, and time spent on point-to-point integration takes time away from introducing new features.

Today, Informatica is releasing the Informatica Technology Partner Network (TPN) – an online developer portal designed to build a connector that makes it easy for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to access more application data. The Technology Partner Network provides ISVs with everything they need to fast-track cloud and hybrid connectivity with Informatica, including access to the following:

• Informatica development environment and connector toolkit
• Interactive REST API, instant API mock server and automated testing
• Technical resources, samples and adapter tester
• Developer community forum

The TPN provides developers with a development environment to load a connector toolkit (SDK) and immediately begin building their connector. The open and interactive REST API provides a space to learn, share and experience functionality without writing any code. A debugging proxy provides more detail on the request and response of the API call and can point to a mock server. These tools enable ISVs to build a prototype in a day and complete their connector development in just a couple of weeks.

The Informatica Vibe™ platform – a virtual data machine (VDM) provides the underlying data management engine that allows ISVs to transforms application data. Created exclusively for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), Informatica is introducing the Vibe Ready Partner Program.

ISVs who join the Informatica Vibe Ready Partner Program gain access – at no cost – to the following:

• Pre-built Informatica connectors, mappings and end-user starter kit
• Informatica cloud sandbox multi-user instance
• Informatica software development not-for-resale (NFR) license Pack
• Connector developer support and certification
• Vibe Ready partner and certification logos
• 1-click activation of the connector on the Informatica Marketplace

ISVs that complete the Vibe Ready Certification can provide their customers with a 1-click trial or paid edition on the Informatica Marketplace. The Informatica Marketplace enables customers to search by application, connector or bundle. The Vibe Ready logo provides a simple way for customers to identify solutions that Informatica has certified.

Enabling a successful ISV ecosystem around the Vibe platform is a cornerstone of our business strategy. The Technology Partner Network and Informatica Vibe Ready Partner Program will enable our ISVs to make their data clean, connected and safe.

Here are some additional resources to get started developing with Informatica:

• Explore the Technology Partner Network

• Register as an Informatica Vibe Ready Partner Program

• Technology Partner Network questions? Email us