Informatica Connect-a-Thon Event Winners

Building connectivity with Informatica

The advent of cloud based applications has raised expectations on the part of users – they expect more from analytics and big data products.  ISVs are challenged with managing data integration complexity and point application integrations can prevent them from focusing on core competencies. On the one hand customer application support requirements are critical to success, but so is innovation and new IP.

The Informatica Vibe Platform – a virtual data machine – can help ISVs eliminate integration complexity. By working with Informatica, ISVs are able to focus on one integration point – the Informatica platform — and leverage existing connectivity to hundreds of SaaS and on premise applications including Salesforce, Netsuite, Workday, Amazon Redshift, Microsoft Azure, SAP and many more.

Today at the Informatica World Cloud Innovation Summit, Connect-a-thon winners will demonstrate advanced data integrations – combining disparate data sets, normalizing data and leveraging the power of the Informatica platform to extend application capabilities. Winners honored include Domo, Couchbase, Snowflake, BigML, Databricks, and Thoughtspot.

BigML, Thoughtspot and Domo are powering a new age of advanced analytics by putting machine learning and self-service BI within reach of all users. For their next-gen database and data warehouse solutions, both Couchbase and Snowflake worked closely with Informatica to build a solution for integration and querying data that take full advantage of the cloud and hybrid environments. Connectivity with Informatica enables their customers to manage and transform data between their solutions and other relational, big data, or application. Customers are able to load and extract with Informatica’s virtual design-driven products and experience a higher level of data quality.

Informatica Connect-a-thon winners demonstrate how simply data can be taken from its silo and transformed for use in new applications and databases.

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