Get Ready To Become a “Data Ready Enterprise”

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Informatica World 2015

This week we kick off our 16th Informatica World – the conference about All Things Data. The 2015 show is literally bigger and better than ever, with a record number of attendees, record number of breakout sessions, record number of sponsors and beyond. I’m proud to report that Informatica World 2015 is sold out! This clearly shows me that our data message is striking a cord with customers, prospects, partners and beyond.

One of the aspects that I’m most excited about at the show is unveiling the Data Ready Enterprise campaign.

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In my keynote, I’ll be sharing some thoughts regarding how “great data” can help you advance your career by enabling you to make substantial improvements to your company’s business processes and operations. We will be discussing why it’s critical for you – as a data integration or data management professional – to ensure that, with great data, your company is ready for everything.

Today’s business imperatives of mobility, cloud computing and big data analytics are driven by data from multiple sources – both inside and outside the four walls of your enterprise.

Data is the fuel powering your business processes, machines, sensors and customized user experiences.

As a result, your enterprise today is confronted with an unparalleled opportunity to put massive amounts of data, structured and unstructured, to work in optimizing your business. You can streamline business processes through consolidated applications, build efficiencies through real-time collaboration and decision-making, and improve customer relationships and your total customer experience through data-enabled interactions and 24/7 support.

To succeed as a Data Ready Enterprise, you are faced with the imperative of putting massive amounts of both structured and unstructured data to work quickly and effectively. But not just any old data. You need great data.

But what do I mean by this? What is “great data” all about? What is so important about the term “great”?

Simply put, great data is clean, connected and safe. Great data can make an executive a success, and bad data can ruin an executive, literally.

You’re either smarter about what’s happening with your competition, smarter about what’s happening with your business, smarter about what’s happening in real-time with your portfolio, and in your go-to-market strategy vis-à-vis your margins, et cetera — or you’re guessing.

Worse yet, if you have bad data you’re bound to make horrible decisions – no matter how big the data is. The bigger the crummy data, the crummier the big decisions.

If the data’s not connected, if it’s not up to date, if it’s not connected with the systems that actually make for a complete answer, the data can’t be great.

This is why you absolutely must have great data that’s ready to use – and ready for everything – to be a Data Ready Enterprise.

Data Ready Enterprises today will be Decision Ready because they are able to take advantage of data analytics. They will be Customer Ready and prepared to comprehensively manage their total customer relationships. They will by Application Ready through application consolidation and optimization – making sure the right applications access the right data at the right time. They will be Cloud Ready and able to accelerate the transition to the real-time data driven collaboration. And, not least, they will be Regulation Ready to lift the burden of compliance with industry-specific and other regulations.

Every organization has its own unique data signature with the potential to build smarter systems, more intuitive services and better products. Our aim at Informatica is to empower organizations by delivering them great data that is ready for everything — enabling them to be ready in the ways that matter most.

At Informatica, we are dedicated to making data ready to use. We enable great data. Data that’s connected, clean, safe and intelligent. These are the four business-critical Data Ready Enterprise benefits delivered by our Intelligent Data Platform. We look forward to discussing at Informatica World 2015, and beyond, how our Data Ready approach can help you and your company to succeed.

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