Informatica Wins Cisco’s 2014 ISV Partner of The Year – America’s

Partners play an instrumental role in Informatica’s business and have for many years. But there are some years when unique partnerships truly blossom and both companies come together to do really special things together that could not have been conceived of by themselves. And that is the case in 2015 with our partnership with Cisco.

On April 28, Informatica was awarded ISV Partner of the Year for the America’s by Cisco in Montreal, Canada.

This year the Cisco  award was given for two solutions that were jointly created.  The first solution is an end-to-end Data Warehouse Optimization (DWO) solution (ADD LINK).  By combining Cisco UCS (Unified Computing System) along with Hadoop, Informatica Big Data Edition (BDE) and Cisco Data virtualization a customer gains access to a powerful next generation big data analytics platform for both structured and unstructured data.

This solution was created in order to help customers reduce both CAPEX and OPEX IT expenditures with regards to their Enterprise Data Warehouse increasing costs.  By offloading infrequently used or dark data along with ETL (extract, transform and load) jobs and mappings into the Data Lake / Hadoop a customer can recognize a 5-10X cost reduction.

The second solution that was recognized by Cisco was a jointly created Internet of Things (IoT) / Internet of Everything (IoE) offering (ADD LINK).  With the explosion of sensor, social and internet-based data the two companies recognized the need to create a solution that would incorporate data from “the edge” into a customer’s mainstream data repository (EDW, BD, Hadoop, etc.).

This solution includes Cisco routers and hardened devices to collect sensor data (i.e. Telemetry Data) coupled with Informatica’s real-time data ingestion and analytics capabilities.  By combining these technologies a customer is able to aggregate data from every source where they capture data allowing them to gain a 360 view of their business for competitive advantage.

From our announcement in February, “The Data Warehouse Optimization solution is about enabling organizations to more easily leverage all their data assets -current and historical, transaction and interaction – for more effective analytics while reducing their data management costs,” said Mike Flannagan, vice president and general manager of Data and Analytics at Cisco. “More than the sum of its parts, the solution’s Cisco and Informatica elements work synergistically to meet the demands of big data, to respond quickly to changing information needs, and to deliver insights that drive increased competitiveness sand business innovation.”

Every organization on the planet is working hard to gather, analyze and make decisions based on their data. The joint Informatica and Cisco solutions are critical to helping customers to become Data Ready enterprises today and for years to come.

Moving forward, Cisco and Informatica will continue to collaborate on how to best build and deliver on premise, cloud-based and hybrid solutions so that customers have best-of-breed solutions to solve their exploding data and complex IT problems.