Striking Gold at RSA

Striking Gold at RSA

Each year, many RSA exhibitors vie for the prestigious Info Security Product Guide’s security awards.  Informatica has fared well in in past years with our data- centric security solutions, earning gold, silver, bronze and the Most Innovative Security Product of the year.  These awards were for our dynamic and cloud masking products.

On the heels of our April 8 Secure@Source announcement, we were cautiously optimistic that the 50 judges who rank entries would find this solution innovative, valuable and contemporary to the needs of information security.  We were honored to receive the Gold award for the “New Product and Services” category.

While these awards represent a significant achievement for Informatica, they more importantly highlight the growing recognition of data-centric security.  They echo what our customers, partners and advisors have told us; improving information security requires focus on the data itself.

While encryption, APT protection and network security analytics dominate the RSA show floor, data-centric security is creeping into the pitches of many exhibitors and is cited in many of the session presentations.  With their utilization of Informatica’s data-centric security solution, our customers have certainly been early adopters and innovators in data-centric security, understanding its importance and benefits before the masses have recognized the need.

So what does Secure@Source offer for our clients?  To summarize, it analyzes sensitive data and determines its risk.  There is much to this story though.  First, to understand sensitive data risk requires a solution that can classify and discover sensitive data in its many combinations and permutations.  There are solutions that have been in the market for sensitive data discovery.  However, the complex data structures, relationships and proliferation mandate the need for high precision and rules-based discovery.   Informatica ’ s 20 years of understanding, integrating and managing data from disparate sources provides a distinct advantage for this capability.

Second, for accurate risk scoring, sensitive data protection, value, size and proliferation must be precisely determined so that sensitive data risk scores have meaning and relevance to the organization.  With location and risk scores, organizations can identify the data security priorities and align network and host security accordingly.  Informatica brings to bear it heritage in all things data to provide powerful analytics and scoring; delivering abstracted views for decision makers and detailed views for practitioners.

Finally, Secure@Source provides a repeatable and automated solution for sensitive data risk, replacing time consuming and manual audits and surveys, and replacing disparate tools.  Risk assessment is timely, repeatable, accurate and auditable.

The need for data security intelligence and for data protection beyond encryption is emerging in organizations that understand that protecting the network perimeter and host security are important.  But, most importantly, focus on the target of breaches, the data.  Understand, prioritize by risk and implement the controls to reduce risk.  The combination of data-centric security with traditional security will significantly improve what organizations urgently need; risk reduction and breach resiliency.