International Women’s Day Recap: Informatica’s Female Leadership

International Women's Day, March 8, 2015
International Women’s Day – Informatica’s Female Leadership

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2015, we dedicated a blog series to our great women leaders at Informatica. Last week, we featured six employees, from diverse backgrounds, who shared their perspective and experiences of being a female leader in the tech industry.

Women leaders like these, as well as many others, are among the things that make Informatica a uniquely great place to work. Below are some of the highlights of the advice, unique perspective as well as wisdom that these female leaders shared.

  • Today I have the confidence that my ‘different perspective’ will change the course of things. I am unapologetic for my ideas or directions even though they may be contrary to the norm.” – Clare Cunniffe, Area Vice President for US Financial Services

  • “Women bring a different perspective and skills that are essential to a company’s success. Women leaders are looked up as role models for other women starting their career, which attracts a diverse workforce.” Geetha Gopalakrishnan, Senior Director, Global Customer Support

  • “Be brave to take on new roles and challenges. There is nothing stopping you but your fears!” – Sangeetha Phalgunan, Country Manager – Sales India

  • “As women, our brains work differently (usually) so we can bring a unique perspective to a conversation that’s full of male brains. My advice is – if you are the only female in the room then turn it into an advantage and embrace it. You can offer something the men cannot.” – Jo Stoner, Chief Human Resources Officer and EVP, Facilities / Corporate Real Estate

  • “Being a minority can be challenging, but it’s a very fun as well! It makes me want to ‘Wow’ my colleagues and customers even more, which helps to build long-term business and professional relationships.” Shino Kizaki, Sales Account Manager – Japan

  • “As a woman in a leadership role, there’s a great opportunity to stand out. Exhibit your skills and knowledge in a big way!” – Simone Fernandes Orlandi, Latin America Marketing Director

About International Women’s Day
International Women’s Day is a global date of celebration marking the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future.  It dates back to 1911 and is acknowledged all over the world.  To learn more: International Women’s Day