International Women’s Day 2015 – Informatica’s Female Leadership (Part 1)

In honor of International Women’s Day 2015, Informatica is celebrating female leadership in a blog series. Every day this week, we will showcase a new female leader at Informatica, who will share their perspective on what it’s like to be a woman in the tech industry.

Clare Cunniffe, Area Vice President for US Financial Services, Informatica
Clare Cunniffe, Area Vice President for US Financial Services, Informatica

Clare Cunniffe

Job title:
Area Vice President for US Financial Services

Leadership style:
Women bring different perspectives to all situations. Sometimes it’s welcomed and sometimes it’s not embraced because it’s outside of the norm – which actually makes it of even greater value. The technology field is still dominated by men. Many times I am the only woman in the room and most times I am the only woman in a position of leadership; this also presents a unique opportunity to stand out.

It has been a long haul to get to where I am today with many stories of great successes and some real misses. Those “misses” always lead me to the vow of “never again” and to exceed in new ways. Today I have the confidence that my “different perspective” will change the course of things. I am unapologetic for my ideas or directions even though they may be contrary to the norm. I am grateful to have been given the chance to work personally with leaders in the tech industry and been given opportunities that stretched me beyond what I believed my own capabilities to be. Only to realize I am more than capable and actually able to move beyond.

As a leader, the most critical aspect is to build a management team that complements my own skills.

  • Diversity in talent is important so that we leverage each other’s strengths.
  • Open communication is a critical aspect to my leadership and success.
  • Honoring and respecting what each individual brings to their teams – while giving just enough guidance, has led to ensuring forward momentum, having ultimate buy-in to what we do, and delivering consistent contributions – all of which is the foundation for great success.

Advice for women:
Put yourself out there. Be bold. Take your seat at the table in a big way! Have mentors. Know who to trust (and who not). Create a network of colleagues. Always help other women succeed.

Thoughts about Informatica’s culture:
Informatica is a great place to be. I wake up every day, passionate about what I do and excited about the difference that my team and I are making for our company and for our customers. We have a culture of integrity, excellence and innovation. This translates in everything we do. As we are critical in some many transformational initiatives for our customers. Who we are has been the basis for how we have delivered for our customers time and time again. Now with the future being all things ‘data’, Informatica will be instrumental in helping our customers leapfrog to their next level of growth. This is the best time to be part of Informatica.




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