Informatica Supports New Custom ODBC/JDBC Drivers for Amazon Redshift

Informatica’s Redshift connector is a state-of-the-art Bulk-Load type connector which allows users to perform all CRUD operations on Amazon Redshift. It makes use of AWS best practices to load data at high throughput in a safe and secure manner and is available on Informatica Cloud and PowerCenter.

Today we are excited to announce the support of Amazon’s newly launched custom JDBC and ODBC drivers for Redshift. Both the drivers are certified for Linux and Windows environments.

Informatica’s Redshift connector will package the JDBC 4.1 driver which further enhances our meta-data fetch capabilities for tables and views in Redshift. That improves our overall design-time responsiveness by over 25%. It also allows us to query multiple tables/views and retrieve the result-set using primary and foreign key relationships.

Amazon’s ODBC driver enhances our FULL Push Down Optimization capabilities on Redshift. Some of the key differentiating factors are support for the SYSDATE variable, functions such as ADD_TO_DATE(), ASCII(), CONCAT(), LENGTH(), TO_DATE(), VARIANCE() etc. which weren’t possible before.

Amazon’s ODBC driver is not pre-packaged but can be directly downloaded from Amazon’s S3 store.

Once installed, the user can change the default ODBC System DSN in ODBC Data Source Administrator.


To learn more, sign up for the free trial of Informatica’s Redshift connector for Informatica Cloud or PowerCenter.


  • Sridhar

    Can you please let us know How to use Amazon Redshift native ODBC Drivers (Not postgresql drivers) with Informatica PowerCenter on Redhat Linux

    • Jude Fernandez

      hi Sridhar, did you ever get it to work with ODBC and Push DOwn?

      • Sridhar

        Hi Jude,
        Redshift odbc drivers can be installed as third party odbc drivers under unix odbc driver manager and they can be used within Informatica.

        • Jude Fernandez

          Hi Sridhar, were you able to achieve Push Down Optimization with RS, would you be open to a quick call!?

          • Sridhar

            We didn’t try the pushdown optimization with Redshift
            sure, I am open for a call, provide me your contact no, will give you a call

          • Jude Fernandez

            Thanks for getting back Sridhar, unfortunately we are looking at Push down specifically:), thank you for responding though!