Get Ready for the Age of Engagement

Get Ready for the Age of Engagement
Are You Ready for the Age of Engagement?
It’s no secret that Informatica is and always has been singularly focused on helping organizations, large and small, understand and adopt a “Data First” perspective. In 2015, we’ll continue to deliver more solutions, to empower our customers to derive more value from the massive explosion of data they are coping with.

Data is the lifeblood of organizations and Informatica is the vendor to deliver clean, safe, and connected data to build stronger businesses, create more value and deliver meaningful engagement with partners and customers.

Informatica is delivering great data – that is ready for everything – to our customers. Let me explain how.

Today we are entering the Age of Engagement.

What do I mean by this? Enterprises today are confronted with an unparalleled opportunity to put massive amounts of data, structured and unstructured, to work on optimizing their businesses. Organizations can streamline processes through consolidated applications, build efficiencies through real-time collaboration and decision-making, and improve customer relationships through data enabled interactions and 24/7 support.

Today’s business imperatives of mobility, cloud computing and big data analytics are driven by data from multiple sources – both inside and outside the four walls of the enterprise.

Data is the fuel powering the new Age of Engagement. It runs processes, powers machines, enables sensors and customizes user experiences.

New ages bring new challenges, and new challenges create new opportunities. We, at Informatica, are perfectly positioned to enable our customers to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the Age of Engagement. We understand the unique data requirements of today’s enterprise – and, as a result, provide expertise and offerings to enable them to get ready in the five business-critical areas of:

  • Next-generation analytics
  • Total customer relationship
  • Application consolidation and optimization
  • Cloud acceleration
  • Holistic data governance

These are the critical touch points, enabled by data, behind every single business and IT initiative. We facilitate the evolution from legacy transactional IT infrastructures and processes. Our core areas of expertise enable today’s enterprises to become Data Ready Enterprises. We provide the refined fuel to power engagement.

I’d like to take a moment to highlight the very significant business benefits of these five touch points.

For example, Data Ready Enterprises today will be Decision-Ready because they are able to take advantage of data analytics. They will be Customer-Ready and prepared to comprehensively manage their total customer relationships. They will by Application-Ready through application consolidation and optimization – making sure the right applications access the right data at the right time. They will be Cloud-Ready and able to accelerate the transition to the real-time data driven collaboration. And, not least, they will be Regulation-Ready to lift the burden of compliance with industry-specific and other regulations.

Every organization has its own unique data signature with the potential to build smarter systems, more intuitive services and better products. We empower organizations by delivering them great data that is ready for everything — enabling them to be ready in the ways that matter most.

Or to summarize our product and market leadership position more simply, we make data ready to use. Informatica enables great data. Data that’s clean, safe and connected. These are the business-critical Data Ready Enterprise benefits delivered by our Intelligent Data Platform.

So, our message to our customers in 2015 is three-fold…

  1. Get ready for to be a Data Ready Enterprise in the Age of Engagement.
  2. Get ready to put your data to use.
  3. And get ready to put your potential to work.