Connecting Architecture To Business Strategy

On November 13, 2014, Informatica acquired the assets of Proact, whose Enterprise Architecture tools and delivery capability link architecture to business strategy. The BOST framework is now the Informatica Business Transformation Toolkit which received high marks in a recent research paper:

“(BOST) is a framework that provides four architectural views of the enterprise (Business, Operational, Systems, and Technology). This EA methodology plans and organizes capabilities and requirements at each view, based on evolving business and opportunities. It is one of the most finalized of the methodologies, in use by several large enterprises.” [1]

Why did Informatica feel the need to adopt the BOST framework – and why now? Simply put, the world is changing.

By 2017, 60% of global enterprise organizations will execute on at least one revolutionary and currently unimaginable business transformation effort.”[2]

Any organization that isn’t actively developing a digital strategy will soon fall behind. As I wrote last month in The ERP Data Trap about How Data Will Transform Business, the digital platform is no longer an IT discussion.  The digital platform is a strategy with board-level attention specifying an organization’s vision, goals, opportunities and activities to maximize the business benefits of digital initiatives. It is about avoiding the threat of dis-intermediation by startups that are better able to leverage data in a low-cost-of-entry environment.

Informatica clients are looking for help using data more effectively. With the BOST framework, our global team of 500+ consultants, and our extensive partner ecosystem, we now offer  organizational design, strategy and policy planning, business opportunity analysis, operational design and business value assessment.  In other words, management consulting.

For further information, visit or attend this upcoming webinar to hear John Schmidt, Architecture Practice Leader at Informatica, and Art Caston, founder and CEO of Proact, explain why the BOST Business Transformation Toolkit is so relevant in today’s marketplace.

[1] Forrester, EA Methodologies Enlarge To Address The New Business Landscape, Henry Peyret, May 21, 2013

[2] Gartner EA Summit, June 2014